Free commercial heat pump offer from the government. Is this real or a scam?

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A free commercial heat pump from the NSW Government… is this a scam?

If you’re a business in NSW, you have probably been receiving a barrage of calls recently from overseas call centres asking if you want a free commercial heat pump from the NSW Government.  Is this real or is it a scam?

The good news is, this is a real offer BUT – a word of warning – the call centres contacting you may be ‘farming’ your phone number and, if you show any interest, try selling your details to less reputable plumbers and hot water installers.

Surprisingly, we have been receiving these calls too!  We can only assume that the call centres are using automated phone dialling software because we should be the last people they cold call asking if we need a hot water heater!  It’s a joke.

Ask lots of questions. Are they qualified to do the work? 

If you do accept this offer from one of the call centres, please make sure you check they are licensed hot water installers and hold the necessary Australian qualifications, insurance and expertise to complete the job as per the hot water heater manufacturer’s requirements.

Ask lots of questions and do your due diligence. Ask for a phone number so you can call them back.  Do they have a website (don’t be fooled if they give you the NSW Government rebate address – they are not from the Government)?  Read customer testimonials. Ask where their business is located and look them up online to confirm they aren’t supplying you with a fake address.  If they sound dodgy, they probably are!

If you have concerns and want honest information about the commercial heat pump rebates available, contact our friendly team before proceeding.  We are an Australian-owned and operated business. Our head office is located in Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (you can look us up here).  We have been installing hot water systems in Sydney homes and businesses since 1996.  We are fully licensed, insured and authorised hot water heater installers for all the major hot water system manufacturers. There’s nothing dodgy here.

So, how does the NSW Government’s free commercial hot water heat pump offer work?

Below we have summarised information from the NSW Government’s Climate and Energy Action website, the agency that is running the scheme.

The NSW Government Commercial Heat Pump Offer

The NSW Government’s Climate and Energy Action Department is currently offering rebates to businesses if they upgrade their existing hot water system to a more energy-efficient option such as a commercial heat pump.

Upgrading to a more energy-efficient commercial heat pump will reduce your energy bills, emissions and environmental impact.  It’s a win for your bottom line and the environment.

According to the NSW Climate and Energy Action website, an upgrade is when you replace equipment or modify an existing system so that it becomes more energy efficient. The more energy you save, the greater the incentive you can receive. 

The website states that examples of commercial hot water system modifications include, but are not limited to:

  • adjusting the controls on your system so your boiler runs only when needed
  • optimising boiler blowdown rate and control
  • installing heat recovery systems to utilise the low-grade waste heat in other applications
  • eliminating steam leaks and steam trap losses
  • minimising boiler/steam generator heat loss through better insulation.

This incentive is part of the Energy Savings Scheme, with additional benefits available under the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme.

Commercial heat pump information

If you want more information about your eligibility or the commercial heat pump upgrade process, contact our friendly team for advice.  We’re here to offer honest advice that will suit the unique requirements of your business to ensure you benefit from the Government rebates applicable to your industry and eligibility.

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