Quantum heat pump installation Pyrmont (Sydney)

quantum heat pump installation sydney

Switch from electric hot water to solar heat pump.

We recently received a call from a client in Pyrmont, near the Sydney CBD and Darling Harbour, whose old electric hot water system started causing problems and wasn’t large enough to cater to their growing family and increasing hot water usage.

They had enjoyed 15-20 years of trouble-free hot water from the old electric hot water system. The customer, who was keen to reduce their electricity bills and become more environmentally friendly, took this as an opportunity to switch from electric to solar hot water.

We discussed the solar hot water options available and they decided to switch to a Quantum solar heat pump installation (model: 270-08AC6-290).

Heat pumps are often the simplest replacement for an electric water heater as they have similar storage tanks and use the same plumbing and electric connections.

Heat pump solar hot water systems consume about 1/3 the electricity of traditional electric water heaters and can reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 65%*. Additionally, the customer switched energy providers to switch boost to off-peak 2, offering more savings.

* Depending where you live according to Australian Government approved modelling.

quantum heat pump installation sydney

New Quantum solar heat pump installation.

  • Attend the Pyrmont property. Assess the site for safety and make any necessary arrangements.
  • Isolate the old electric hot water system at the main power. Re-test load at system with external device.
  • Drain and remove the existing electric hot water system.
  • Supply and install a new Quantum solar heat pump hot water system (model: 270-08AC6-290) in the same location as the old HWS.
  • Install new piping and valving including new tempering valve to comply with AS3500 Plumbing code.
  • Reconnect to the existing hot and cold pipework.
  • Extend the power cable.
  • Commission and test the new hot water system.
  • Clean up and remove any associated rubbish.
  • Disposal of and recycle the old electric hot water heater.
  • Complete and sign STC rebate forms.

 How do solar hot water heat pumps work?

Heat pumps use technology to extract and intensify the warmth that is naturally in the air around us then uses that warmth to produce hot water. They don’t use solar collectors mounted on the roof like solar systems.

The heat pump consists of an insulated storage tank and a heating module. The heating module must be installed outdoors, but there are options to install the storage tank either outdoors with the heating module, or indoors separated from the heating module by up to 4 metres.

A heat pump works to heat water by transferring the intensified warmth from the air around it into the water, stored in the tank, via a heat exchange system that works in a similar way to an air conditioner.

When emptied, it takes time to reheat to have you back in hot water. Heat pumps draw less electricity than a traditional electric storage water heater, and in doing so, are more energy efficient. They do take longer to heat water, so consider a larger tank capacity to ensure you have enough hot water when you need it.

Want advice about switching from electric to solar hot water?

With 25+ years expertise, we’re happy to help and provide advice so you make the right decision when it comes to switching from electric to solar hot water. Hot water is our business and we’re here to help.

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