Replace and/or repair burner in hot water system

gas hot water system burner replacement

What is the purpose of the burner in a hot water system?

The purpose of the burner in a gas hot water system is to heat the water inside the tank so, when you turn on the tap, hot water is delivered to the faucet.

In a hot water system, when the thermostat senses that the water temperature has dropped below a certain point, it sends a signal to the gas valve to open. When the valve opens, gas can flow to the burner.  The burner then ignites the gas to create a flame that heats the water in the tank.

As the water inside the tank heats up, it rises to the top of the tank.  This is what is delivered to your hot water tap or appliance needing hot water (i.e. dishwater, washing machine, etc).

The burner is an essential component of a gas hot water system. When the burner is broken you won’t have hot water. If the burner is faulty and not working correctly, you may have hot water intermittently or run out of hot water.

Proper maintenance of the burner is important to ensure efficient operation and prevent problems including running out of hot water or no hot water.

Gas hot water heater burner repair and replacement service

To ensure the burner in your hot water heater is operating correctly, we recommend a regular service of your hot water heater.  This will ensure your hot water system is operating safely and efficiently. Importantly, early detection of a faulty burner can prevent sudden breakdown.

Need hot water system burner repair or replacement service?

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