Temporary hot water heater installation

temporary hot water heater installation sydney

Temporary hot water system installed.

We were contacted by a customer in Castle Hill whose solar hot water system had stopped producing hot water.

Once onsite, our solar hot water specialist, John, ran a series of tests to try to determine the problem and whether it could be repaired.  There were multiple problems with the system making it beyond economical repair.  Unfortunately, parts for older hot water systems are often no longer manufactured, making them impossible to repair.

New solar hot water system installation.

A new Rheem Hiline solar hot water system (model : 52L300/2L) was ordered for the customer. Due to supply chain issues, the new solar hot water system couldn’t be delivered for a few days.

So the customer didn’t have to suffer the indignity of cold showers, we installed a temporary hot water system (Rheem electric 47 litre) in the customer’s laundry to ensure they still had trouble-free hot water until new solar hot water system arrived.

temporary hot water heater installation 1
New rooftop Rheem Hiline solar hot water system (model: 52L300/2L) installed.

Within a few days, the new Rheem rooftop solar hot water system arrived and we were back on site to install it.

We disconnected and removed the temporary electric hot water system.

Job particulars

  • Attend the Castle Hill property to diagnose the problem with the existing rooftop solar hot water system.
  • Test the element for correct OHMS reading.
  • Inspect the thermostat for continuity.
  • Test the TRP valve for the correct function.
  • Check the anode for corrosion and the correct function.
  • Find multiple problems making the solar hot water system beyond economical repair.
  • Drain, disconnect and remove the old rooftop solar hot water system.
  • Discuss replacement solar hot water system options with the customer.
  • Install a temporary electric hot water system in the laundry whilst waiting for the new solar HWS to be delivered.
  • Upon delivery of new Rheem Hiline solar hot water system (model : 52L300/2L), install onto rooftop.
  • Recommission the new solar heat pump.
  • Drain, disconnect and remove the temporary electric hot water heater.
  • Take away and recycle the old solar hot water heater.
  • Clean up the site and remove any associated rubbish.

If you’re waiting for a new hot water system or, perhaps, you’re building and need a temporary hot water supply, contact our friendly team for fast assistance.  We’re here to help and can set up a temporary hot water system that ensures you’re enjoying trouble-free hot water until you organise something more permanent (we can help with this as well).

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