Leaking Rheem hot water heater

rheem hot water heater repair

When Mrs Wrench noticed her old hot water tank was leaking, she contacted us.

Her old tank was beyond repair and unfortunately needed to be replaced.  After providing a competitive hot water quote that Mrs Wrench was happy with, we installed a brand new Rheem electric hot water heater that was more suited to her hot water usage requirements.  The new system was wall mounted and we needed to install a new duo valve, pressure limiting valve and tempering valve to ensure the hot water system adhered to current plumbing regulations. We happily took away her old hot water system for recycling.

Is your electric hot water heater leaking?

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Is your hot water heater leaking?  Read on to find out what you should do.

If your hot water heater is leaking a substantial amount, i.e. more than a bucket of water in 24 hours, call us for advice.

Unfortunately all hot water heaters will eventually fail and need replacing.  For storage water heaters this is usually evident by water leaking from the storage tank continuously. You can often temporarily maintain the supply of hot water by turning off the cold water supply valve on the inlet to the water heater in between usage periods. If the leak is substantial you can completely turn off the water to the heater along with the power switch in your electrical meter board or if you have a gas model then turn off the gas valve beside the heater to isolate the gas supply.

We offer Fast assistance to fix your leaking hot water heater

You will however need to replace your leaking water heater as these are only temporary solutions.  For fast leaking water heater repair and replacement service call Cheapa Hot Water on 0410 693 532. We are available 7 days and offer a fast, emergency after hours service. We offer fast service all Sydney suburbs and the Central Coast.

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About Rheem Hot Water Systems

Since 1939, Rheem has been Australia’s favourite hot water company. Generations of Australian families have relied on a Rheem hot water system.

The “steady, hot and strong” jingle is synonymous with Aussie TV. Rheem has the most extensive range of hot water systems available in Australia. Solargas or electric storage, continuous flow or heat pump, Rheem’s energy efficient range comes in all hot water heater sizes and capacities, suitable for every situation.

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