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Solar Hot Water

No hot water? Leaking solar hot water system? Want to upgrade to a more energy efficient solar hot water system?

Contact us for fast and reliable assistance. We service all Sydney suburbs and will get you back enjoying trouble free hot water. Ask about our same day, emergency solar hot water help.

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Solar hot water systems Sydney

Authorised and licensed : Our team of licensed hot water plumbers are authorised service agents for all heat pump solar hot water heater brands, providing fast assistance to homes and businesses throughout the entire Sydney metropolitan area.

Fast, local service : Our trucks are on the road right now stocked with thousands of spare parts and replacement hot water heaters so you won’t have to wait for replacement products to be ordered and arrive.

Save time and money : Importantly, we are licensed and qualified to undertake all heat pump and solar hot water system repairs and installations so you don’t have to employ multiple trades – saving you time and money.  We’ll get you back enjoying trouble free hot water QUICKLY!

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Solar hot water heater repairs.

We are authorised and highly experienced in the repair all solar hot water systems.

Our team of licensed hot water plumbers are authorised and preferred service agents for all hot water brands.

Our trucks are on the road right now stocked with thousands of spare parts to repair your hot water heater quickly so you won’t have to wait weeks for parts to be ordered and delivered.

Importantly, we are licensed and qualified to undertake all work required to fix your hot water heater today and don’t have to outsource to other tradespeople.

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Solar hot water system installation.

Broken hot water heater? We can replace your old or faulty hot water system with a new, energy efficient model that will better cater to your household hot water usage whilst reducing your energy costs.

We offer an emergency hot water system replacement service to all Sydney suburbs.

With access to the latest information about advancements in hot water heating technology and energy saving features, we can advise you on the most efficient hot water systems on the market to suit your household hot water usage and budget.

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Servicing your solar hot water heater.

Getting your hot water system serviced by Cheapa Hot Water every 5 years will ensure it is in good working order and running efficiently.

We can replace parts that may be showing signs of imminent failure, preventing unexpected and catastrophic breakdown whilst increasing the life expectency of the appliance.

To ensure you don’t void your warranty, any repair or service of your hot water heater should be undertaken by an experienced and licensed hot water plumbing technician.

Servicing your hot water system usually only takes between 30 – 45 minutes. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and trouble free hot water usage.

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Buying a solar hot water system

Buying a new hot water system is an investment in your future. It’s an expensive appliance and you don’t want to find you’re constantly running out of hot water.

With so many options, it’s easy to be swayed by a lower price and lose sight of what matters most when replacing your existing hot water system. To get the best value for money on this long term investment, your decision should be based on three important factors:

  1. quality
  2. efficiency
  3. reliability

At Cheapa Hot Water Sydney, we have 25+ years of experience in the industry and go to great measures to ensure your new hot water system ticks these three boxes so you can be sure of trouble-free hot water for many years to come. Hot water is our business and you can rely on us for advice you can trust.