Solar Hot Water Rebates NSW

solar hot water rebate

Generous solar hot water rebates now available mean there has never been a better time to make the switch from gas or electric to solar hot water.

With increases in electricity and gas prices, the rising cost of living, and growing concerns over our changing climate, the generous solar hot water rebates now available from the NSW State and Federal governments mean there is no better time to switch to solar hot water.

The solar rebate schemes were introduced to provide financial incentives to NSW residents and small business owners when they install energy-efficient appliances and equipment.  The rebates include the installation of heat pumps and solar hot water systems.

Save thousands on the cost of a new solar hot water system.

Homeowners and small businesses can now save thousands of dollars when they install an approved solar hot water system in their home or workplace.

Reduce your hot water heating bills by 65%.

Did you know that the installation of an energy-efficient solar hot water system can reduce your hot water heating costs by as much as 65%?

By switching to solar hot water you’re reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part to minimise your impact on climate change.

It’s a win-win for your hip pocket and the environment.

There are some eligibility conditions so please contact our friendly team for advice. After answering a few simple questions, we can let you know over the phone whether you’re eligible for the rebates available and how much you’ll be able to claim.

What’s Next?

Check your solar hot water rebate eligibility by calling 0410-693-532.

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For more information about the solar hot water rebates and to confirm your eligibility, contact the friendly team at Cheapa Hot Water.  We can let you know what heat pump(s) or solar hot water system(s) will offer you the best value for money based on the solar hot water rebate available.

Hot water is our business and we have 25+ years of experience installing hot water systems in homes and small businesses across Sydney.  We are a local, family-run business that prides itself on friendly service and expert advice that you can trust.  Get in touch – we’re here to help.


Under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), your new solar hot water system or heat pump must be supplied and installed by an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP).  Under this Federal Government Scheme, the solar hot water system must be installed by an approved Renewable Energy Certificate Trader once the product has been installed. Cheapa Hot Water is both an Accredited Certificate Provider and Renewable Energy Certificate Trader.  Make sure you check the qualifications of your hot water system installer to ensure they can claim the solar rebates on your behalf. 


solar hot water rebates sydney

Solar hot water rebates available in NSW

solar hot water rebates nsw

NSW State Government Solar Hot Water System Rebates (ESS)

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) provides financial incentives to homeowners and small businesses to install energy-efficient appliances and equipment in NSW homes and workplaces.

If you replace your old electric or gas water heater with a solar water heater or heat pump water heater at a NSW address, the cost of that system may be reduced by the value of the Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs). This is in addition to the STC incentive available under the Federal Government scheme.

Under the scheme, the Accredited Certificate Provider (i.e. Cheapa Hot Water) then sells the ESCs in a similar manner that the existing Federal Government small-scale technology certificates (STCs) operate.

These ESCs have a variable market value and their value can be used to offer a discount on the purchase and installation of a solar or heat pump water heater.

Solar hot water heaters and heat pumps covered under the Scheme.

The residential scheme is called the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit (HEER) and covers the following range of heat pumps and solar hot water systems:

Replace an existing electric water heater

  • D17 – with an air source heat pump water heater
  • D18 – with a solar (electric boosted) water heater

Replace an existing gas water heater

  • D19 – with an air source heat pump water heater
  • D20 – with a solar (electric boosted) water heater
  • D21 – with a solar (gas boosted) water heater

solar hot water rebates

Australian Federal Government Scheme (STC)

In 2017, the Australian Federal Government introduced the Small-scale Technology Certificates Scheme (STC).

Under this scheme, approved solar hot water systems and heat pumps have accredited points based on the Clean Energy Regulator’s assessment of the appliance’s efficiency. These can be redeemed by a dollar value at the point of sale of the solar hot water system or heat pump when signed over to an approved Renewable Energy Certificate Trader (i.e. Cheapa Hot Water) once the product has been installed.

Additionally, the owner of the solar hot water system or heat pump can elect to ‘trade’ the STCs themselves.

Note: the STC value amount fluctuates due to STC demand being traded at any given time.