Hot Water Rebate Scheme

Find out if you’re eligible for the Government hot water rebates now available.

With generous hot water rebates now available from the NSW and Australian Governments, there has never been a better time for property owners and businesses to switch to an energy-efficient hot water system.

Sustainability is now more affordable (even free for some).  The more energy you save, the greater the incentive you can receive.

Residential properties
Take advantage of the Government incentives and save thousands on the supply and installation of a new solar hot water system or energy efficient heat pump.  Your hot water bills will be reduced by as much as 65% –  an ongoing saving for many years to come. Call us to find out if you’re eligible.

Business and commercial premises
To assist businesses to become more sustainable, the NSW Government is currently offering generous rebates to those who upgrade to an energy-efficient commercial hot water system.
In fact, the rebates are so generous that most businesses can upgrade and receive a FREE commercial hot water system!
The rebates are designed to offset the upfront costs associated with purchasing and installing eco-friendly commercial hot water systems, making sustainability more accessible and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

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