What are the different types of solar water heaters?

types of solar hot water heaters

What solar hot water system is best for you?

Choosing the right solar system isn’t easy but, don’t dismay, that’s where we can help!   While price will always be a consideration, it’s crucial you also receive the right up-front advice, a problem-free installation and comprehensive after-sales service. At Cheapa Hot Water, our solar hot water experts are trained and qualified to ensure you get the best solar solution for your situation. We will visit your home and discuss with you your needs and requirements. We assess the site conditions and arrive at the best solar solution for you.

Types of solar hot water systems

For the average Australian household, electric and gas bills just continue to rise. To make significant savings, reduce your overall energy consumption, and cut your carbon footprint, upgrading to a solar solution just makes sense. A well chosen solar hot water system may cost more to begin with, but they can be significantly cheaper to run than a conventional electric or gas system.

rheem roof top solar system

Roof Top Solar System

If you have ample free roof space, then you are perfectly placed for solar options. Roof top solar, for example, work by mounting the solar panels and storage tank together on the roof. The collectors draw the sun’s energy into fluid in the solar collectors, then the heated fluid circulates the adjacent storage tank.

rheem split solar hot water system

Split Solar System

If you have limited roof space or you prefer a more streamline look, then a split loline solar water heater may be the best solution. Whilst the solar panels are mounted on the roof, the storage tank is located at ground level.

Is my house suitable for solar hot water?

Roof space

Most houses will use 2 solar collectors which are around 2m tall x 1 m wide each. That means you need at least 2m x 2m, plus some clearance space on your roof. For a roof-mounted tank, you’ll need even more roof space.

Ground space

You’ll also need some ground space for the ground-mounted hot water storage tank, if applicable. This isn’t necessary for roof-mounted tanks.

North facing roof area

It is best if the collectors can be mounted facing north in order to capture the most sunlight. If you’re not sure, use a compass or go to Google Earth to check if you’ve got a north-facing roof area.


The solar collectors will need to be placed in an area of high sunlight and minimum shade. Shade from trees and surrounding buildings aren’t ideal. Climate can also be a factor when choosing a solar hot water heater. Extreme weather areas that get frost or very high heat will need a product designed to suit the climate. If solar doesn’t suit your home then a heat pump system is a great alternative. In the industry, we call heat pumps “solar without the panels”.

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How long does it take to install a solar hot water system?

Solar hot water is our specialty and, generally, our team can install a new solar hot water system within a few hours so you’ll be enjoying energy-efficient hot water that evening.

The first step in a trouble-free solar hot water installation is the planning and preparation – all of which we take care of so you can sit back and relax.

On installation day, we install the ground level storage tank first.  Once this is operational, the gas or electric backup boosters start heating the water immediately whilst we install the rooftop collectors.

Importantly, we have the tools and equipment necessary to efficiently install a roof top solar hot water on any Sydney residence or commercial premises. This means you won’t have any delays because we don’t have to outsource from other companies, it also makes our services more cost-effective.

Secondly, did you know that the installation of a new solar hot water system requires the expertise of both a plumber and an electrician?  Our solar hot water installation experts are licensed and qualified to undertake both the plumbing and electrical work required.  Again, this saves time and money and means we don’t have to outsource to other tradespeople.

For more information about the solar hot water installation process, call 0410 693 532 to speak to one of our technicians.

Questions about what solar system is best for you?

Solar hot water is our business!  We are licensed solar system installers and repair technicians for all water heater makes and models.

Contact our experience team for obligation free advice about the costs of switching to solar hot water and start reducing your energy bills (and your carbon footprint) today.

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