Switching to Solar – Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

small scale technology certificates

small scale technology certificates

How you can benefit from the Government’s Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

The Federal Government encourages people to switch to solar hot water and offers generous incentives to help you make the transition. The incentives come in the form of Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), which can be sold to recoup a portion of the cost of purchasing and installing your new solar system.

By installing a solar water heater or solar power system on your property, you may be eligible for STCs. These STCs can be used to reduce the purchase price of your new system and can often save you thousands of dollars.

For a Solar Hot Water system, each STC represents 1 megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity displaced over a 10 year period. The number of STC’s created varies with the size and model of solar water heater and the region (or zone) in which the unit is installed. The value of an STC is not fixed and varies depending on market factors.

Once you install a solar water heater the STCs produced can be traded and sold on the open market. You can assign the right to create your STCs to your installer who will pay you the value of the STCs as an upfront discount on your system.

Want to know how to take advantage of the Government’s STCs?

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