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quantum solar heat pumps

The Quantum solar heat pump domestic range offers environmentally friendly solar hot water, on tap, day and night.

Small Scale Technology Certificates

Quantum are the pioneers and innovators of solar heat pump water heating technology.  Quantum is proudly Australian owned with over 30 years experience within Australia.

Quantum heat pumps were developed at the University of Melbourne in the mid 1970’s and have been tried and tested to perform reliably and efficiently – in even the most trying conditions throughout Australia, and the Globe. The companies commitment to product research and development, and the continuous introduction of market leading advancements; ensure that Quantum remain the number one choice of “those in the know” when it comes to solar heat pump water heating.

A Quantum heat pump will produce hot water in all climates, and with such efficiency that your water heating bill could be slashed by up to 75%!

A Quantum heat pump saves you energy, money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions once installed,and the Federal Government provides financial incentives in the form of STCs for hot water heat pumps. In addition, some state and local governments provide other rebates. For more information on Small Scale Technology Certificates, contact us today on 0410 693 532.

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The benefits of solar heat pumps

  • Heat pumps are the latest technology in solar hot water heating.
  • Heat pumps are recognised all over the world as an extremely efficient method of heating water.
  • Heat pumps use ‘free energy’ from the environment to produce hot water, but vary significantly compared to traditional solar hot water systems.
  • Traditional solar hot water heaters rely on incidental or direct sunshine to affect the heating, whilst hot water heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding air and use this energy source to heat the water.
  • Quantum heat pumps don’t need direct sunshine to operate nor does it need any large roof panels; in fact for most applications the units look very similar to traditional electric hot water heaters.

How do heat pumps work?

Heat Pumps work on a reverse refrigeration process. Think of a heat pump like a fridge, but in reverse; instead of making everything inside cold, they make everything inside hot!

1. The sun heats the air

This is where the Solar energy is initially created, but the air doesn’t actually need to be warm for a Quantum to extract heat from it. In fact we can extract enough heat from the air to produce hot water, even if the air temperature is -10°C.

2. Energised air is inducted into the heat pump

As the air drawn into the system, we utilise a refrigeration process to separate and extract the heat energy from the air.

3. Energy is transferred to heat cold water

This heat energy is then transferred to the water using our patented Tank Wrap Technology® heating. This heats the entire water tank from the outside in, eliminating any potential for corrosion or cross-contamination.

4. Cold air is expelled

As the heat has been extracted from the air and transferred to the water; the remaining cold air is then discharged from the heat pump via a fan.

Quantum solar heat pump installation and repairs Sydney. Switch to solar – free quotes

Solar hot water is our business!  We are licensed solar system installers and repair technicians for all water heater makes and models. Contact our experienced team for obligation-free advice about the costs of switching to solar hot water and start reducing your energy bills (and your carbon footprint) today.

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