How do I save money on my hot water bills? Hot water tip #6

save on hot water bills

In our ‘hot water troubleshooting tips’ series, we try to provide solutions to the most common problems people encounter with their hot water heaters.

 Hot water heating is one of a households biggest running expense so it pays to ensure your hot water system is running efficiently, is maintained correctly and serviced regularly.

Everyone wants to keep their energy bills to a minimum but, surprisingly, not many people take action to do so. Household water heating is one of the biggest expenses of most households. Below we have listed some simple tips and tricks you can initiate today that will reduce your hot water bills.

Electric hot water heaters operating on full tariff can be expensive to run. Speak to one of our service technicians about how you may be able to switch to a more economical, lower cost, off-peak tariff.  You can also try speaking with your energy provider for advice and options.

Switching to a high efficiency gas, solar or heat pump hot water heater can significantly reduce your energy bills. We can offer you statistics that compare an inefficient electric or gas hot water system, to a newer, more economical alternative. You’d be surprised at how much money you will save each year. It may be one of the smartest financial investments you will make. You may even be eligible for a Government grant.

Check that your temperature pressure relief valve isn’t running excessively. Click here for more information »

If you are using solar hot water, check that your booster heating unit is operating correctly and not too frequently.

It may sound very obvious, but consider your water usage. You may be using more hot water than you think. Review how long family members and flatmates are spending in the shower. Consider installing a waterproof timer in the shower (available at most department and variety stores).  We can install low flow and water saving valves on your taps and shower heat which will also help save water and reduce your hot water bills.

Check you don’t have a leaking pipe or any dripping taps.  Even a small leak can waste a surprising amount of water. If your hot water bills have increased excessively of late, it may be a signal that you have a leaking pipe. Call us if you think this may be the case.

Is it time to switch to a more economical hot water system?

For more information about the options and hot water systems that would suit your budget and household water usage requirements, contact us for obligation free advice. Our service center is open 7 days from 7am – 6pm.  Call 0410 693 532, or complete our online enquiry form now.

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