Commercial solar hot water heater repair (gas boosted) at Sydney retirement village

commercial solar

commercial solar

Commercial roof top solar panels at MacKillop Self Care Village Mosman.

Rheem commercial solar and gas boosted hot water heater repairs.

MacKillop Grange is a large self care village located at Mosman on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. We received a call from the Village’s plumber who needed assistance rectifying issues with their commercial solar hot water system.
commercial hot water heater
Hot water heaters were serviced and problematic tank repaired.

When arriving onsite we realised they were running a large, purpose built Rheem commercial solar hot water system with gas boost.  There were 18 solar panels on the roof and 8 hot water heaters in the auxiliary room.  Several problems existed.  The fittings between the roof top solar panels had deteriorated and were consistently leaking water. This water was spraying into the adjacent air conditioning ducts and subsequently leaking through into the roof and ceiling space.  The original fittings were inadequate and had deteriorated over time due to UV exposure. We replaced these with brass fittings that are more suitable for the exposed location and will have a longer lifespan.

While we were onsite we checked the performance of the hot water heaters and found that one was in fact faulty. We repaired the fault and serviced all the other hot water heaters.

The residents at MacKillop Grange should now enjoy trouble-free solar hot water usage for a long time.

Most commercial hot water heaters involves a mix of both solar and conventional water heating (gas or electric), with the size being sufficient to provide all the hot water demands for the project under the most adverse weather conditions expected. In most states of Australia, it is now normal for design engineers, architects and hydraulic engineers in both private organisations and government to thoroughly investigate the feasibility of solar water heating for all new projects. For heavy duty or industrial applications, our commercial hot water heater specialists can offer solutions that will meet the demands of all hot water applications.

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commercial gas water heater
Replacement of deteriorated fittings with new brass ones for greater longevity.