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Rheem Tankpak commercial gas hot water system

We don’t just repair domestic hot water heaters but are authorised service technicians for all commercial hot water systems too.  We service, maintain and install commercial hot water systems for businesses, offices, retirement villages and restaurants across Sydney. Recently we were called to fix a problem with a Rheem Tankpak hot water service at the Salvation Army Retirement Village Collaroy on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

The issue was escalated to an emergency commercial hot water system repair

We were contacted recently by the site manager of the Salvation Army retirement village when their 4 commercial hot water systems unexpectantly shut down.

The call was immediately escalated to an emergency commercial hot water repair as the hot water systems serviced 150 residential units, the restaurant kitchen and common bathrooms in the village’s Pacific Lodge building.

Within the hour, our commercial hot water service technicians, John and Mick, were onsite at the retirement village.

Diagnosing the problem with the Rheem Tankpak hot water systems

We had serviced the hot water systems at this retirement village previously so made our way to the plant room where the Rheem Tankpak commercial hot water systems are located (3 x internal 27 Rheem gas hot water systems plus 1 x 325 Rheem hot water tank).

The Rheem Tankpak hot water systems were displaying an Error 11 ignition fault on each booster.  This is a general error message and, unfortunately, doesn’t provide our technicians with much information.  So, as with most hot water system repairs, John and Mick proceeded to work through a range of tests to eliminate the most common problems associated with commercial HWSs.

The first step was to reset each hot water system individually. Unfortunately, this didn’t resolve the problem.

Next, a series of tests were carried out.  This included inspecting and testing the burner assembly, thermocouple and unitrol valve.  Tests resolved they were all in good working order.

The problem was with AGL, the gas provider

With all tests complete and no problems revealed, it became evident that the problem was not with the commercial hot water systems but AGL, the gas provider.

John contacted AGL directly and was able to explain the tests that had been undertaken and that the issue was with them.  An appointment was made for an AGL service technician to attend the property later in the day to inspect and fix the problem.

Whilst we weren’t able to fix the problem, the site manager was relieved we were able to guide them in the direction of a fast resolution to the problem.  He would not have been able to reach this solution himself nor correctly explain the issue to AGL.


It’s important to mention that had the site manager called a plumber or repair person who was unfamiliar with commercial hot water systems and/or Rheem Tankpaks, they may have incorrectly determined that the problem was with this hot water systems and suggested they be replaced – at considerable expense. 

This would not have solved the problem as the issue was with AGL, not the hot water systems.

If you’ve been advised that your commercial hot water system needs replacing, it pays to get a second opinion.  Contact us for advice – it could save you thousands!

Problems with your commercial hot water system?

With 25+ years of experience, we offer an emergency commercial hot water system repair service.  We are the Sydney commercial hot water specialists and service customers across the entire Sydney metropolitan area. Hot water is our business and we’re here to help.

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Commercial hot water system servicing

Has the UV system on your commercial hot water system been serviced lately?

To maintain optimal performance of any commercial HWS, and to ensure the UV system is achieving the correct level of disinfection, it’s important to service it regularly.

Each component of your commercial hot water UV system has a recommended replacement schedule to ensure optimal performance.

Commercial hot water UV maintenance schedules


Recommended replacement time : annually (8,000 – 16,000 hours depending on type)

UV disinfection organisations promote their UV lamps as having a particular lamp life.

Although a UV lamp may appear to be working past its lamp life, its disinfection capability decreases due to a reduction in generated UV-C light. In general, a UV lamp’s intensity at the end of its lamp life has been reduced by 20% compared to a new lamp.

In addition to UV lamps being replaced, controller lamp timers need to be reset and UV intensity monitors need to be re-calibrated where applicable.


Recommended replacement time : every 2 years

The condition of a quartz sleeve plays a vital role in how well the UV light can penetrate the water or liquid.

A dirty quartz sleeve blocks UV light from reaching the water, reducing the UV intensity in the UV reactor, resulting in a decreased UV dose. This increases the likelihood of pathogens passing through the UV reactor and not being adequately treated which is especially dangerous in potable or food and beverage applications. Quartz sleeves may become dirty to the point that they cannot be cleaned after 2 years and they also become brittle.

It must be noted that quartz sleeves should be inspected at regular intervals during the initial operation of a new hot water system. This will give an indication of the cleaning frequency required and will establish if further pre-treatment is required to prevent quartz sleeve fouling. Another indication of a potentially fouled quartz sleeve is a UV intensity monitor. A drop in UV intensity may indicate a dirty quartz sleeve.


Recommended replacement time : annually

The O-ring that creates the seal to prevent water from entering the quartz sleeve needs replacing each time the quartz sleeve is removed for cleaning.

This should be annually as a minimum requirement.

Failing to replace the O-ring will increase the chances of water reaching the lamp, resulting in lamp failure.

Depending on the system model, there may also be additional service actions required such as replacing quartz wiper blades. Manuals provided for each UV system model must always be followed.

For more information about commercial hot water system service and maintenance, contact our hot water specialists on 0410 693 532 for assistance.

We provide reliable commercial hot water service and maintenance solutions for housing estates, retirement villages and businesses across all Sydney suburbs.

We are the Sydney commercial hot water specialists

We are the Sydney commercial hot water specialists and preferred service technicians for all major manufacturers including Rheem, Rinnai, Thermann, Everhot and more.

We can repair and service all commercial hot water systems including gas, solar, electric, instantaneous, heavy-duty, warm water and continuous flow systems.

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