Gas hot water recovery systems. A gas hot water system comparison.

gas hot water system comparison

Does your household frequently run out of hot water?  Does your current hot water heater take too long to heat up again?

While some system will heat up again very quickly, often they are not very energy efficient and have a low star efficiency rating.  Help is at hand and it is possible to reach that happy medium of a fast hot water recovery rate and a system that is economical and is not going to add hundreds of dollars to your household energy bills.

Contact Cheapa Hot Water for advice and one of our experienced hot water repair and service technicians will advise what system will best suit your families hot water consumption and fits within your budget.

Information released by Rheem recently outlined the choices in the market and what systems offer fast hot water recovery and are also efficient to run.  Rheem claim to offer the best recovery options in the market. The article states that consumers should beware of other 4 or 5 Star models that claim high recovery yet actually recover SIGNIFICANTLY LESS (some 4 Star models recover as little as 74L/hour*, much less than your customer may be used to).

Although 4 and 5 Star energy efficient water heaters may not recover at the same rate as 3 Star (a side effect of their increased efficiency), by choosing a Rheem option you’ll minimise the chance of an unhappy customer with insufficient hot water from their new water heater installation. Rheem 4 Star and 5 Star options offer full-temperature hot water recovery from 113L1* to as high as 200L/hour1*. Refer to the chart below.

compare hot water systems

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