My hot water heater is making weird noises!?!

hot water heater noises

Common reasons why your hot water heater is making strange noises.

Hot water heaters make noise whilst they go about their job of heating cold water and sending to your pipes and appliances.  If you notice a change in the noises coming from your hot water heater or it because increasingly audible each time you turn on the hot water tap, then it might be a good time do some further investigation.

Common noises made by hot water systems

Gurgling, crackling or popping : These noises may be caused by the contraction and expansion of the hot water tank during normal operation.  Other causes may be due to sediment build up that may trap water under a film of caked build up. When the water heats up it is forced through a small hole and may make a “popping” sound. Usually these sounds are nothing to worry about however it might be worthwhile giving our hot water specialists a quick call just to make sure.

Screeching or screaming : If the valves on your hot water heater are not opening properly, when water is forced through the valve when you turn on the tap, the force of the water pressure can cause an audible screaming or screeching sound.  If you’re hearing more of a whine sound then this can be due to scale build up on the heating element.

Bubbling : If you’re hearing a bubbling sound coming from your hot water heater then contact one of our hot water specialists immediately.  This usually means that the heater is overheating or there is a pressure build up. This can be extremely dangerous and needs immediate attention. Contact our emergency hot water repair technicians for prompt assistance.

Solutions for noisy hot water systems

Gurgling, crackling or popping sounds may not be something to worry about however a quick call to our hot water specialists won’t hurt to put your mind at ease.    Screeching or screaming noises may be due to a faulty valve operation which will need replacing. Call us on 0410 693 532 to schedule a hot water service.  This isn’t a costly process and the job can usually be completed under one hour.

IMPORTANT – Bubbling sounds from your hot water heater could indicate an overheating or pressure build up issue and requires emergency assistance. Call us immediately – 0410 693 532

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The information on this website is of a general nature only. We do not make an warranties about the completeness, accuracy or reliability of this information or whether it is relevant to your specific hot water problem(s). For professional hot water repair advice specific to you, contact our Sydney hot water specialists direct on 0410 693 532.