The importance of keeping your solar panels clean – especially in Winter

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Solar panel cleaning Sydney.

In pursuit of sustainable living and to reduce their energy bills, many Sydney households have embraced solar energy solutions, including solar hot water heaters.

These eco-friendly hot water systems harness the power of the sun to provide reliable hot water while reducing carbon emissions. However, over time, the efficiency of these rooftop solar hot water systems can get covered in dirt, dust, pollution and debris, diminishing their performance and lifespan.

During Winter, when the sun isn’t as strong in Sydney, clean solar panels are even more important to ensure they are harnessing as much of the sun’s energy as possible.

Fortunately, with proper maintenance and cleaning, it is possible to revive the performance of your solar panels. And this is where our solar panel cleaning services can help.

clean solar panels
Before cleaning : The rooftop Solahart hot water system on this customer’s home in Bankstown shows how dirty rooftop solar panels can get. The dirt, debris and lichens on the panels would certainly have reducing the solar collectors ability to utilise the sun’s solar energy to heat their hot water.

Why solar panel cleaning is important.

The solar hot water heater collectors on the roof are exposed to the elements year-round, making them susceptible to the buildup of dirt, pollen, leaves, and other debris.

This accumulation forms a barrier between the sunlight and the collector surface, inhibiting the absorption of solar energy and reducing the system’s efficiency.

Regular maintenance, including cleaning, is essential to ensure optimal performance and maximise energy savings.

IMPORTANT: While we are cleaning your solar panels, we can inspect them for damage and report any problems to you. Whilst onsite, we are often able to repair the problem preventing an inconvenience breakdown or expensive replacement due to irrepairable damage.

solar panel clean sydney
After cleaning : Now the surface of the solar collectors is clean of dust, dirt and lichens, they will work at optimal performance. Cleaning also prolongs the life of the panels.
Book a solar panel clean

We offer solar panel cleaning service to all Sydney homes and businesses.  We have the tools, equipment and expertise to expertly access your roof and clean your solar panels. Call our friendly team to book your solar panel clean. We’ll ensure they are operating at peak performance, maximising solar energy collection and reducing environmental impact for years to come.