Help! Why don’t I have hot water? Hot water tip #12

no hot water

In our ‘hot water troubleshooting tips’ series we try to provide solutions to the most common problems people encounter with their hot water heaters. 

No hot water, or not enough hot water…

Things you should check first:

STEP 1 – Is the electricity turned on?  First check whether the isolating switch which is usually located on your electricity switchboard is turned on.  Check the hot water switch, usually next to the isolating switch, is also turned on.

STEP 2 – Check the fuse marked ‘hot water’, ‘water heater’ or something similar is OK.

STEP 3 – If applicable, check that your hot water heater power cord is plugged in and turned on at the power point.

STEP 4 – If you have a timer attached to your hot water heater, ensure it is on and that the water in the hot water heater has been given enough time to heat up.

STEP 5 – Make sure your energy tariff gives you enough time to reheat your hot water tank to meet the needs of your household hot water usage.

STEP 6 – Monitor your hot water usage to check you are not using more hot water than you think. Speak to us about installing low flow valves on your taps and energy saving shower heads.  Install a timer in the shower to monitor your using.  Cheap waterproof timers and clocks can be purchased from most department and variety stores.

STEP 7 – Check your temperature relief valve is not discharging too much water. It is normal for your water heater to discharge a small amount of water during the heating cycle however excessive amounts of water may be wasting hot water.

STEP 8 – Speak to your Cheapa Hot Water service repair technician about checking the thermostat setting on your hot water heater to ensure it is set to cater to the hot water usage of your household. Care should be taken when setting your thermostat to ensure you are not risking scolding due to water that is too hot.

Still no hot water?

If you follow these simple steps and still have problems with your hot water supply, we suggest you contact us. Our service centre is open 7 days a week from 7am – 6pm.

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