We are commercial hot water specialists servicing Sydney businesses and residents

commercial hot water sydney
As licensed commercial hot water specialists, we service and maintain hot water systems in strata buildings, retirement villages, aged care facilities and businesses in all Sydney suburbs.

We are experienced and qualified to service all gas, solar and electric commercial hot water systems.  Our maintenance contracts range from small-scale storage tank hot water heaters that service a few apartments, to a complex solar system with gas boost that supplies an entire retirement village, and a multi-faceted Rheem instantaneous gas hot water system that supplies a large Meriton strata apartment building.

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Gas commercial hot water systems

Over the past few years we have seen a shift in the type of commercial hot water systems that are more commonly being installed in residential buildings and businesses throughout Sydney.

Instead of separate hot water heaters installed in each individual apartment, there has been a move by developers toward installing a central systems that supplies hot water to all residents.

Rheem Guardian Warm Water System

One such example is a Rheem Guardian Warm Water hot water system that we service in a Sydney strata complex.  This gas hot water system comprises several instantaneous gas heaters that provide hot water to all residents in the building.  Having several instantaneous heaters provides back-up in the event one encounters a problem ensuring the residents never run out of hot water.  Another benefit of the Rheem Guardian Warm Water system is that it provides UV disinfection as standard and accurate thermostatic control (50 degrees Celsius to prevent scalding)  in a small and compact unit.

commercial gas instantaneous hot water heaters
Commercial gas instantaneous hot water waters servicing a large apartment building.

Solar commercial hot water systems

Another obvious shift is to commercial solar hot water systems – some of which are being purpose built.  An interesting example of this is a large Rheem commercial hot water system with gas boost at a North Shore retirement village.  The system comprises 18 solar panels on the roof and 8 hot water heaters in an auxiliary room.

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commercial solar
A commercial solar hot water system (with gas boost).


Maintenance of most communal hot water systems comes under the responsibility of the Body Corporate and we work with property managers and building managers to give them peace of mind that the system will be maintained and serviced as required by the manufacturer, thereby reducing the change of breakdown. We also attend to emergency and after hours repairs which gives residents complete peace of mind and the assurance of trouble-free hot water usage 24/7.

commercial hot water heater
Tanks storing hot water in a large commercial HWS setup.

Commercial hot water service assistance

Should you have any questions about commercial hot water system installation, repairs and service maintenance call or text John Graham direct on 0410 693 532 or complete our enquiry form »

Hot water is our business! We have been providing fast hot water heater repair and installations for domestic and commercial customers across Sydney and the Central Coast for 20+ years. We are available 7 days and offer emergency after hours repairs. Our trucks are on the road right now stocked with replacement parts and new hot water systems ready to fix any hot water problem you may encounter.

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