Solar hot water heater removal from a roof in Western Sydney

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Need a hot water heater removed or moved?  We’re here to help!

We were recently called to a home near Parklea, in Western Sydney, that wanted their old solar hot water heater removed from their roof.

The customer was getting solar panels installed on the roof and wanted to install as many PV collectors as possible.  The old, broken hot water heater was taking up valuable space and needed to be safely removed.

** Scroll down to watch a video of us removing a solar hot water system from a customer’s roof.

We don’t recommend leaving a broken solar hot water heater installed on your roof.

When your rooftop solar water heater breaks, we do not recommend leaving it in place.  Because it is not being used, it’s unlikely to be checked becoming a case of out of sight, out of mind. This is dangerous.

Rooftop solar hot water heaters are heavy. If not checked and maintained correctly, the equipment holding it securely in place can break down.  If this happens, the whole system becomes unstable and is at risk of sliding off the roof. Additionally, in strong winds, parts can become dislodged and fly around.


Broken or faulty solar hot water system? Have you been advised to replace it with a different hot water heater? Contact us for advice first.

Solar hot water is somewhat specialised and, sometimes, plumbers that don’t have a lot of solar expertise will advise of a solution that may not be in the best interest of their customer. It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion so contact us for advice.

Importantly, don’t leave your old solar hot water heater on the roof. Contact us immediately for safe disconnection and disposal.

hot water heater removal sydney
With the solar hot water system safely removed, we can then inspect the roof tiles for damage and advise the customer accordingly.

Safe hot water heater removal.

The first step in removing the old solar hot water heater from the customer’s roof was to safely disconnect it from the existing plumbing and electrical systems.

To avoid any potential hazards, we ensured the system was completely drained and checked that the electrical supply was properly disconnected at the board.

With the solar hot water heater safely disconnected and drained, the removal phase begins. Using our solar lift equipment, we are able to safely and easily take the old system off the roof while being careful not to damage any property.

Once the solar hot water heater has been removed from the roof, we conduct a thorough inspection of the roof.  We found several damaged tiles (see photos) and, after the owner found some spare tiles they had lying around, we were able to replace them. We then patched the holes in the roof tiles that had been created during the original solar hot water heater installation.

With the removal of the broken solar hot water heater, the customer can now take full advantage of the available roof space.

Hot water heater removal

For safe hot water heater removal, contact our friendly team for assistance. We service all Sydney suburbs and have the equipment and expertise necessary to expertly move your existing hot water heater to a new location or remove your old one.  When you contact our friendly team, you’ll speak directly with a hot water specialist (not someone from a call centre).

Video: Have you ever wondered how roof top solar tank heaters are removed or installed? Our custom lift system gives us safe and easy access to install and remove solar hot water systems from most roofs.

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