Hot water service replacement

hot water service replacement

Emergency hot water service replacement.

All Sydney suburbs. Fast hot water assistance. Service you can trust.
We were contacted by a Sydney customer whose old hot water service had started continually leaking and required replacement. Within a few hours, our local Inner West hot water service repair technician was onsite at the Balmain property.

Once onsite, John performed a range of tests to determine whether the old hot water service could be repaired.  Unless the customer specifically wants their old hot water service replaced or upgraded, we try to repair or replace broken parts first as this is the cheaper option.

Unfortunately, John found that the internal hot water tank had ruptured and was beyond economical repair.  As is common with many appliances these days, the manufacturers of older hot water systems stop producing spare parts so they can’t be fixed.

The customer’s hot water usage requirements had changed.

John explained this to the customer and they were actually happy to upgrade their hot water service as their household usage had increased in recent years. As their kids became teenagers and family from overseas were often coming to stay, the demand on their old, smaller water heater often meant they ran out of hot water.  It was the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a bigger replacement hot water system.

New hot water systems are much more economical to run.

John told the customer they could also take advantage of the technological advances in hot water heater services that are now much more energy efficient and economical to run. The family would certainly save money on their hot water heating bills.

John explained the different makes and models that fit within the customer’s budget and hot water usage requirements and they decided to install a new 315 litre Vulcan electric hot water service (model 661315).  Vulcan hot water heaters offer high quality and performance at a very affordable price.  With a single or twin element option available, the customer opted for the twin element so the hot water service could handle the extra demand when visitors were staying.

John installed the new replacement hot water system in the same location as the old one.  The old tank was drained and taken away for recycling. A new tempering valve had to be installed to comply with the AS3500 Plumbing Code.

Details of this hot water service replacement job

  • Attend the Balmain property in Sydney’s Inner West to repair problem with leaking hot water service.
  • Run numerous tests. Determine the internal storage tank had ruptured and was beyond economical repair.
  • Discuss replacement hot water service options with the customer.
  • Drain and disconnect the old hot water service.
  • Supply and install Vulcan electric hot water service (model 661315).
  • Install new tempering valve to comply with AS3500 Plumbing Codes.
  • Clean up the site and remove any associated rubbish.
  • Remove and dispose of the old hot water service.
Need hot water service replacement advice

With 25+ years of hot water replacement expertise, we’re happy to help and provide advice so you make the right decision when it comes to fixing or replacing your hot water heater. Our trucks are on the road right now, stocked with thousands of spare parts and replacement hot water services to get you back to enjoying trouble-free hot water today. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly hot water specialists for helpful advice you can trust.

hot water service replacement cost

Saving our customers time and money on hot water service replacement costs.

Did you know that the installation of any hot water system requires the qualifications of a licensed plumber AND a licensed electrician?

At Cheapa Hot Water Sydney, we are licensed and qualified to undertake any plumbing and electrical work required to complete the installation or repair of your hot water system.

Plumbers who do not specialise in the installation of water heaters may need to outsource the electrical work required to another tradesperson, thereby holding up the installation of your hot water heater and adding the extra expense of employing another tradesperson.  Save money today by calling the hot water experts.

Importantly, did you know that most hot water system manufacturers won’t cover the terms of your hot water heater warranty if it isn’t installed by a licensed hot water plumber, like Cheapa Hot Water Sydney.

Hot water tanks are an expensive appliance so why would you risk voiding your warranty by installing it yourself or employing the services of someone who isn’t licensed?

We are fully licensed water heater installers and repair technicians for all major hot water manufacturers including  RheemDuxRinnaiAquamaxBoschConergyHockingApricusVulcanEdwards SolarSolahartEverhot and more.

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replacement hot water service

Things to consider when replacing your hot water service

Replacing your hot water service with a new one is an investment in your future. Hot water heaters are expensive appliances so you don’t want to make the wrong decision.

With so many options, it’s easy to be swayed by a lower price and lose sight of what matters most when replacing your existing hot water system. To get the best value for money on this long term investment, your decision should be based on:

  • quality
  • efficiency
  • reliability

At Cheapa Hot Water Sydney, we go to great measures to ensure your new hot water system ticks these three boxes so you can be sure of trouble-free hot water for many years to come.

Hot water is our business and you can rely on us for advice you can trust.

Before buying a new hot water service, it’s important to take into consideration all household appliances that use hot water such as washing machines and dishwashers.  These appliances can use as much hot water as one person. It’s also important to consider the changing needs of a family as small children grow into large teenagers, like what happened to these customers. Additionally, will there be extra demand when people come to stay?

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cheapa hot water systems

Cheapa Hot Water Replacement Service

Hot water is our business – it’s not a sideline. Each year we install and repair hundreds of hot water systems in homes and businesses across the entire Sydney area. 

Benefits to our residential customers

  • We are a Sydney hot water company and can quickly provide onsite assistance to customers and businesses.
  • We offer free delivery of your new hot water system and complimentary disposal and recycling of your old water heater (where applicable).
  • As one of Sydney’s largest hot water system suppliers, our enormous buying powers and ability to buy direct from the manufacturer means we can pass attractive savings on to our customers.
  • Our fully qualified, licensed hot water heater installers have over 25+ years of experience each. We are fully insured and pride ourselves on our old-fashioned customer service.
  • We are accredited service agents for all the hot water heater brands including  Rheem, Dux, Rinnai, Aquamax, Bosch, Conergy, HockingApricus, Vulcan, Edwards Solar, Solahart, Everhot and more.
  • We are qualified to undertake all the plumbing and electrical work required to install a new hot water system. There is no need to waste time and money employing multiple trades.
  • We have all the equipment needed to install your hot water system quickly. We don’t have to hire or wait for other trades to arrive with the required equipment. Ask about same-day assistance.
  • We supply a huge range of gas, solar and electric HWS and guarantee to beat any genuine hot water system price with fast and free delivery.

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