Leaking hot water heater repair on the Northern Beaches

leaking hot water heater repair northern beaches

Fast hot water repairs Northern Beaches

We received a late afternoon call from a Property Manager at a Northern Beaches real estate agency that we do a lot of work for, asking us to quickly attend a Fairlight rental apartment where the tenant had returned home from work to find their hot water heater was leaking.

We immediately contacted the tenants directly to organise access.  Over the phone, we instructed the tenant on how to turn off the water supply to the hot water system in an attempt to mitigate the leak.  Within an hour, we were onsite at the Fairlight apartment.

Once onsite, it was clear the hot water system was very, very old.  It was located inside a kitchen cupboard and, thankfully, mustn’t have been leaking for too long as the water damage was limited. Due to the age of the old hot water system, parts are no longer available.  There was no alternative but to install a new hot water system.   We contacted the property manager and explained the options available.  After seeking approval from the owner, we were given the approval to install a new Rheem 45 litre electric hot water system (model 191047) back in the same location, inside the cupboard.

The old pipework was showing signs of age so we replaced it with new copper pipework to connect the new hot water system to the hot and cold water supply. Whilst on site, we installed a new 15mm RMC tempering valve.

The Rheem compact hot water system is perfect for small spaces like underneath kitchen benches, inside cupboards and laundries. It’s suitable for small households of 1-2 people.  The compact design allows for fast and easy installation.  Dual handed fittings and recessed plugs mean they can be rotated to fit into tight spaces.

Within an hour or so, the customer was back enjoying trouble-free hot water again.  Rheem hot water systems come with a 7 year cylinder warranty, 3 year labour warranty on the cylinder and one year parts and labour warranty on all other components.  Rheem’s solid reputation and generous warranty should give the property owner peace of mind.

Hot water heater replacement

  • Discuss access to Fairlight rental property with the property manager and tenants.
  • Attend the Fairlight apartment to assess problems with the leaking electric hot water system.
  • Assess the site for safety and make appropriate arrangements.
  • Isolate the old hot water heater from the electricity supply.
  • Retest the system with an external device.
  • Ascertain the old hot water heater presented multiple problems and was not suitable for repair.
  • Discuss replacement hot water heater options with the property manager.
  • Drain and remove the old hot water system.
  • Supply and install new Rheem element electric hot water heater 45 litre (model 191047) back in the cupboard under the kitchen bench.
  • Install new 15mm RMC tempering valve.
  • Reconnect to the electricity supply.
  • Adjust and reconnect to cold and hot water pipework.
  • Commission and test the new hot water system.
  • Clean up the site and remove any associated rubbish.
  • Dispose of and recycle the old hot water system.

With 25+ years of expertise, we’re happy to help and provide advice so you make the right decision when it comes to repairing and/or replacing your hot water heater. Our trucks are on the road right now, stocked with thousands of spare parts and replacement hot water heaters to get you back enjoying trouble-free hot water today. Don’t hesitate to contact John or Steve for helpful hot water advice you can trust.

Save time and money by employing Cheapa Hot Water

Did you know that often the repair and installation of a hot water system requires the expertise and qualifications of both a licensed plumber and a licensed electrician?

We are qualified to undertake any plumbing and electrical work required to ensure your hot water heater is repaired quickly and within budget. Plumbers who do not specialise in the installation of hot water heaters may need to outsource the electrical work required to another tradesperson, thereby holding up your hot water system repair or installation, adding extra expense due to additional call out fees charged by employing two tradespeople.

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Cheapa Hot Water Northern Beaches

Hot water is our business – it’s not a sideline. Each year we repair and install hundreds of hot water systems in homes across all Sydney suburbs.

  • We offer free delivery of your new hot water system and complimentary disposal and recycling of your old water heater.
  • As one of Sydney’s largest hot water system suppliers, our enormous buying powers and ability to buy direct from the manufacturer means we can pass attractive savings on to our customers.
  • Our fully qualified, licensed hot water heater installers have over 25+ years of experience each. We are fully insured and pride ourselves on our old-fashioned customer service.
  • We are accredited service agents for all the hot water heater brands including RheemDux, Rinnai, Aquamax, Bosch, ConergyHockingApricusVulcanEdwards SolarSolahart, Everhot and more.
  • We are qualified to undertake all the plumbing and electrical work required to install a new hot water system. There is no need to waste time and money employing multiple trades.
  • We have all the equipment needed to install your hot water system today. We don’t have to hire or wait for other trades to arrive with the required equipment.

Your hot water heater is an expensive appliance. Don’t risk voiding your warranty.

Additionally, most manufacturers won’t cover the terms of your hot water system warranty if it isn’t installed by a licensed hot water technician or qualified plumber. Hot water tanks are an expensive appliance so why would you risk voiding your warranty by installing it yourself or employing the services of someone who isn’t licensed?

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