How to relight my Rheem 5 Star gas water heater

how to relight rheem 5 star gas water heater
If the pilot flame in your Rheem 5 Star gas water heater has gone out? Read our simple step by step instructions below on how to relight the pilot light. Alternatively, watch the video at the bottom of the page.

In your Rheem 5 Star gas water heater there is a small pilot flame that should remain alight at all times. This small flame lights the main burner whenever water in the tank needs heating. If you can’t get hot water it may be because the pilot flame has gone out and thus there is no way for the main burner to be relit. This could occur for a number of reasons such as strong winds, gas maintenance work carried out in the street or empty LPG cylinder. Below we’ll show you the safe, correct way to relight your gas water heater.

IMPORTANT: To relight your Rheem 5 Star gas water heater pilot light is quite easy however it is vital that you follow this procedure exactly to prevent a build up of gas which ignites can cause serous injury.  Before beginning ensure all flames and ignition sources such as cigarettes and lighters are kept well away from the area.

Check for gas leaks

First remove the access cover. The instructions for relighting are clearly laid out inside this cover.

It is important to ensure there are NO gas leaks. This is best done by simply smelling for gas. Especially down near floor level where gas can accumulate.

If you smell gas turn the gas control knob to the off position. Shut off the isolation valve in the gas line, leave the area and call Cheapa Hot Water on 0410 693 532 immediately. We are qualified Rheem gas water heater service technicians and available 7 days.

Turn control off and wait 5 minutes

Once you’ve confirmed there are no gas leaks, turn the gas control knob fully clockwise to the off position. You should feel the control knob click into the off position.

Do not use tools to turn the knob. If you cannot turn the knob by hand and call Cheapa Hot Water on 0410 693 532 for advice and assistance.

It is vital at this point that you wait 5 minutes for any unburned gas to escape. If you do not wait the full 5 minutes residual gas may ignite and cause serious injury.

Light the pilot

Once five minutes has elapsed, you are ready to light the pilot using the ignitor button. You must remember that this button produces a spark that will ignite any gas that is nearby. This is why it is so important that you turn the control knob to off and wait 5 minutes for gas to dissipate every time before you use the ignitor button.

Before you proceed with the lighting you must check if the pilot indicator needle is in the red zone. If it’s not you should call a qualified water heater technician like Cheapa Hot Water for a service visit.

Next turn the control know to the pilot position. This is the symbol that looks like a starburst.

Depress the control knob fully and keep holding the knob down to allow sufficient gas to flow to the pilot light.

While keeping the control knob down, press the ignitor button 10 times with your right hand or until the needle in the pilot indicator starts to the move from the red zone to the green zone.

At this point the pilot is alight.  It is important that you hold the control knob down until the needle of the pilot indicator is in the green zone for the pilot light to establish itself.

You can now release the knob.

Once the control know is released check that the pilot indicator needle remains in the green zone.

Check the pilot indicator

If the pilot indicator needle doesn’t move to the green zone within 60 seconds it’s vital that you turn the gas control knob to the off position and call for a service visit.

If the needle moves to the green zone but returns to the red zone turn the control knob to the off position and once again wait 5 minutes for gas to disperse.

Once five minutes is up begin the pilot lighting process again from the start back where we turn the control knob from the off position to the pilot position.

Once the pilot is alight.

Once the pilot is alight it is important for your safety that you ensure your face is nowhere near the combustion chamber opening.

Now, turn the control knob anti-clockwise to number 6. This will allow the main burner to light whenever the water needs heating.

When the main burner lights up it can be a little noisy for the first 2-5 seconds. This is normal and will very soon settle down to a quiet flame.

You can now replace the access panel.

Video – how to relight the pilot flame in your Rheem 5 Star gas water heater

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