Cheapa Hot Water is now part of Rheem’s Solar Specialists Network

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In 2016, Rheem Australia launched the Rheem Solar Specialist Network.  The new nework is a result of the integration of the Solar Edwards business into Rheem. 

The merge combines the trusted Rheem brand with the products and expertise of a specialised group of trained, dedicated solar specialists like Cheapa Hot Water who offer high level solar water heater advice and service.

The creation of this specialist network, formerly known as the Edwards Dealer Network, is in response to some significant changes in the industry, particularly over the past five years. It also draws on the vast experience and expertise that Rheem Australia has developed in solar water heating.

Rheem Solar Specialist Network combines the strength of Rheem with the Edwards heritage to offer an expanded range of roof-mounted and ground systems, including a unique rooftop range of stainless steel tanks available in a range of COLORBOND® colours.;

This combined approach gives consumers the confidence of knowing that they are choosing product made by Australia’s number one brand in hot water. It’s supported by both the Rheem solar specialists and the large service network that Rheem operates around the country.

In addition, the new specialist network is well placed to address the changing market and householder needs. With the certainty of ongoing high gas and electricity prices, there will continue to be a strong solar market, and the increasing complexity of water heating products as demand for greater energy efficiency increases.

Rheem is ready to address these needs and tackle them head on. It is also committed to investing in local research and development to deliver new, Australian made higher efficiency renewable products at lower running costs for consumers.

For more information about our role as dedicated Rheem solar water heater specialists, contact John Graham, Cheapa Hot Water Director, direct on 0410 693 532.