Tips on how to reduce your household and electricity bills

tips to reduce household bills
tips to reduce household billsDo you experience bill shock when you open your electricity bills? Read our top tips for reducing your household energy bills.

If you are experiencing higher than expected electricity or gas bills it may have something to do with your hot water usage and the running efficiency of your water heater. Below are our top tips to check your water heater is running correctly and what you can do to save a few dollars.

TIP 1 – Electric water heaters

Electric water heaters on full tariff can be expensive to run. You may be able to switch to a lower cost “off peak” tariff. Check with your energy provider or ask your electrician / installer about options available to you.

TIP 2 – Gas, solar and heat pump water heaters

High efficiency gas, solar and heat pump water heaters can be a lower running cost alternative, particularly compared to an electric water heater on continuous tariff or an older gas storage water heater. You may also be eligible for a government incentive if you’re replacing an electric water heater with one of these high efficiency water heaters.

TIP 3 – Water Usage

Are you using more hot water than you think (it’s especially easy when running a shower)? Carefully review the family’s hot water usage. Inexpensive flow control valves can be easily fitted to the shower outlets to reduce water usage.

TIP 4 – Leaks & plumbing problems

Is there a leaking hot water pipe, dripping hot water tap, etc? Even a small leak will waste a surprising quantity of hot water and electricity. Replace faulty tap washers, and have your plumber rectify any leaking pipe work.

TIP 5 – Upgrade to a more energy efficient water heater

An increase in hot water usage will result in an increase in water heater operation and perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a more energy efficient water heater that suits your household’s requirements.

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