No hot water? Emergency solar hot water system repairs

storm damaged solar tubes

Sydney solar hot water repairs

One of the casualties of Sydney’s recent spate of hail storms were rooftop solar tube hot water systems.  We received dozens of calls from distressed home owners all across Sydney and the Central Coast.

broken suntrap solar tubes
Solar tubes broken during recent Sydney storms.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the original manufacturers of these solar hot water systems made up of tubes are now out of business making it impossible to source genuine replacement parts. These brands include Hills Solar and Suntrap Solar.  Hills Solar was once a very popular solar hot water company and their products were installed on the roofs of many Sydney homes.

Thankfully, help was at hand in the form of our highly experienced solar hot water repair technicians.  In all cases, our guys were able to retro fit new solar tubes to replace the broken ones.  While they were at it, some customers asked us to service their water heater giving them peace of mind and trouble-free hot water for years to come.

We are also happy to assist customers with insurance claims as a result of hail and storm damage to their solar hot water systems.

suntrap solar
Retro fitted solar tubes to replace those damaged in a hail storm.
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Emergency solar hot water repairs and assistance

Solar hot water is our business.  We are the Sydney solar hot water experts. We are authorised installers and repair technicians for all the solar hot water heater brands including Solahart, Rheem, Edwards, Apricus, Quantum and many more.  Our solar systems are competitively priced because we purchase large quantities direct from the manufacturers – a saving we can pass on to our customers.

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replace broken solar tubes
Before – hail damaged solar tubes
hills solar
After – solar tubes replaced & hot water system refurbished