One of the most interesting solar hot water system repairs we’ve seen

northern beaches solar installation

Job: Northern Beaches solar water heater repair.

When you think you’ve seen it all in this business, this solar hot water heater repair job on Sydney’s Northern Beaches took the term “hot water installation” to a whole new level!

The customer contacted us distressed that they had no hot water in the bathroom. Interestingly, the hot water was working OK in the kitchen – although had been regularly running out.  They had recently purchased the property and weren’t familiar with the hot water system that was installed.

When we arrived onsite to the Warriewood home and climbed on the roof what we found was very interesting – and extremely concerning. There were two 50 litre electric hot water heaters sitting on a piece of timber next to an old Solahart hot water system.  After a bit of detective work we ascertained that the old Solahart hot water system must have broken however the previous owner, in the process of selling the property, didn’t want to spend the money installing a new solar hot water heater so asked a “plumber” to install the two electric hot water heaters onto the roof as a temporary fix until the property sold. The sanity of the plumber who had installed this “hot water system” (and we use the term loosely) is to be questioned as this type of setup, of which we have never seen before, is highly illegal and in breach of any Building Code practices or trade ethics.

One of the 50 litre electric tanks was servicing the bathroom. The other was servicing the kitchen and laundry. This was why the customer had hot water in the kitchen, but not the bathroom. Only one of the electric hot water heaters had failed.  It also explained why they were running out of hot water all the time – they only had a total of 100 litres of hot water, no where near enough to supply a three bedroom family home.

northern beaches solar hot water repair
An example of an illegal hot water system installation.


We installed a new Rheem 300 litre stainless steel solar hot water system.  The customer had a choice of colours as part of Rheem’s Colorbond range. They chose “night sky” (black).

The customer will now enjoy cost effective solar hot water for many years to come. The whole family can confidently enjoy hot showers without fear of running out. Their new solar hot water system is also totally legal. We also took away the old hot water systems free of charge.

solar hot water installation
The new Rheem 300 litre solar hot water system being installed.

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