Heat pump water heater installation

heat pump water heater installation

Fast and reliable hot water heat pump installation. All Sydney suburbs.

Are you tired of waiting for someone to install your new heat pump hot water heater? Are you worried the Government rebates will be finished and your heat pump won’t be installed? Good news! We have heat pumps in stock and can complete installation this week.

Don’t wait months for your heat pump installation.

We were recently contacted by a customer on the Northern Beaches Sydney who was told by another company that they would have to wait 12 months for their new heat pump to arrive from overseas.

After calling us, we arranged to visit the client the next day and had a new heat pump installed within a few hours.

They were able to take advantage of the Governement solar heat pump rebates and are enjoying lower energy bills while reducing their carbon emissions.

Start enjoying lower energy bills this week!

With a number of teenagers in the house, the customer’s aging and inefficient electric hot water system was draining their finances.

Eager to be more sustainable and save on their growing energy costs, they contacted someone from an ad they saw on Facebook advertising a free heat pump hot water heater only to be told they didn’t have any in stock and they would have to wait months for one to arrive from overseas.

That’s when they contacted us for advice. We were onsite the next day.

It was an opportunity to upgrade their hot water storage capacity.

The increased hot water demands from their teenage children meant they wanted to upgrade the storage capacity to a larger hot water system.

We had a bigger heat pump hot water system in our warehouse and were able to install a new Chromagen heat pump hot water heater at the property.

Now they can enjoy longer showers without running out of hot water.

It’s a win for the customer and the environment.

Best of all, with each shower and dishwashing cycle, they could rest assured knowing that they were not only saving on energy costs but also reducing their carbon footprint.

It’s a win for the customer and the environment.

You can start reducing your energy costs too.

If you would like to reduce your energy costs and become more sustainable, contact our hot water specialists for advice.

With Government hot water rebates available, there has never been a better time for property owners and businesses to switch to an energy-efficient hot water system.

Heat pump water heater installation service

For supply and installation of a new heat pump hot water system, contact us for assistance. We service all Sydney suburbs and can often supply and install a new heat pump within a few days (subject to your availability).

** UPDATE JUNE 2024 **
In June 2024, the NSW State Government changed the hot water heater rebate scheme. Missed out? You may still be eligible to claim a Federal Government rebate if you upgrade a more energy-efficient hot water system. Contact us to discuss what rebates you may still be able to claim based on your circumstances on 0410 693 532.

Why contact Cheapa Hot Water for your heat pump hot water heater installation?

  • We have 30+ years experience specialising in hot water heater repair, replacement and installation.
  • We are fully licensed and insured. We DO NOT outsource to unlicensed tradespeople.
  • We are authorised installers for all water heater makes and models (Tip: don’t risk your hot water heater warranty by using unlicensed tradespeople).
  • We are a local, family owned business that employs Sydney tradespeople.
  • As one of Sydney’s largest hot water system suppliers, our buying powers and ability to buy direct from the manufacturer means we can pass attractive savings on to our customers.
  • We have all the equipment needed to install your hot water system quickly. We don’t have to hire or wait for other trades to arrive with the required equipment.

Save time and money by employing Cheapa Hot Water

Did you know that often the service and installation of a hot water system requires the expertise and qualifications of both a licensed plumber and a licensed electrician? 

We are qualified to undertake any plumbing and electrical work required to ensure your hot water heater is repaired quickly and within budget. Plumbers who do not specialise in the installation of hot water heaters may need to outsource the electrical work required to another tradesperson, thereby holding up your hot water system repair or installation, adding extra expense due to additional call out fees charged by employing two tradespeople.