Move Rheem hot water heater from inside to outside

move hot water heater

Relocate hot water system from inside the house to the outside.

We received a call from a very distressed customer at Seaforth, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, whose hot water heater had burst, flooding their home and causing extensive damage to the floors.  After this experience, the customer wanted the new hot water system installed outside so, in the unlikely event it happens again, the damage will be much less.

Once onsite, we discussed a suitable location for the new hot water system with the customer.  A disused area at the side of the house, next to the air conditioning unit and garden shed, was the perfect location and the new hot water system fit the space available perfectly.  See the photo above on the right.

To move the hot water system, first, we had to disconnect the old heater located inside the house. The existing pipework had to be decommissioned and made safe.

Next, we discussed with the customer their household hot water usage requirements so we could supply them with a new system that would accommodate their hot water usage needs now and in the future.  The customer was happy with the storage capacity of the old tank (300 litres) so, with this in mind, we recommended the installation of a new Rheem Stainless Steel 315 litre electric hot water heater (model 4A1315m7).

Next, we installed new pipework to connect the new Rheem hot water system to the electric power supply and water supply. A concrete slab was also installed to house the new hot water system.  Whilst onsite we installed new tempering valve to comply with AS3500 Plumbing Code.

Once complete, the customer was back enjoying trouble-free hot water and no longer has to worry about their hot water system causing extensive internal damage should it ever burst.

Important: Did you know that the process of moving a hot water heater requires the expertise and qualifications of both a plumber and an electrician? Our team of hot water specialists are licensed to undertake all the plumbing and electricity work required to undertake this work safely.  By employing Cheapa Hot Water, this customer saved both time and money not having to employ multiple trades.  

Rheem hot water system repair and installation

  • Attend the Northern Beaches property to assess problem with burst hot water heater.
  • Decommission and remove old hot water heater from inside the house.
  • Discuss hot water heater replacement options with the customer.
  • Supply new Rheem Stainless Steel 315 litre electric hot water heater (model 4A1315m7).
  • Prepare new location by installing water supply pipework.
  • Prepare new location by installing electricity supply wiring.
  • Install new Rheem electric hot water system in new location at the side of the house.
  • Install a new tempering valve to comply with AS3500 Plumbing Codes.
  • Recommission the new hot water system.
  • Clean up the site and remove any associated rubbish.
  • Dispose of and recycle the old hot water system.

Hot water is our business, it’s not a sideline, and each year we repair and install hundreds of hot water systems in homes and businesses across all Sydney suburbs. Our fully qualified, licensed hot water heater installers have over 25+ years of experience each. We are fully insured and pride ourselves on our customers with old-fashioned customer service they can rely on.

We are accredited service agents for all the hot water heater brands including RheemDuxRinnaiAquamaxBoschConergyHockingApricusVulcanEdwards SolarSolahartEverhot and more.

We are qualified to undertake all the plumbing and electrical work required to install a new hot water system so you don’t waste time and money employing multiple trades.

Best of all, we have all the equipment needed to install your hot water system today. We don’t have to hire or wait for other trades to arrive with the required equipment.

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