Rusty hot water? Is your hot water orange? Does it taste like rust or metal?

rusty hot water

Orange hot water? Does your hot water look rusty or taste like metal?

We received a call from a Beacon Hill customer (Northern Beaches Sydney) whose hot water heater had burst. Water was spilling from the top of the tank, causing them concern about damage to their property. They said that their hot water had been orange in colour and had a metallic small for some time.  Immediately, we knew what had happened.

John arranged to visit the customer later that morning, to assess and rectify the problem.  Over the phone, he instructed the customer how to turn off the water supply to the hot water tank which stopped more water from filling the tank and flooding the area further.

Once onsite, it became obvious to John that the customer’s hot water heater was seriously corroded.  He explained to the customer that, due to its age, it was beyond economical repair and needed to be replaced. The customer understood.

John disconnected and drained the old hot water system.  As the photo above shows, the water was very rusty and orange in colour – a sign of significant corrosion of the tank. It definately had a very strong metallic smell.  It would have tasted awful if accidently drunk.

If you notice orange hot water or that your hot water has a metal smell or metallic taste, contact us immediately for advice.  It is a sign of a larger problem with your hot water system that needs to be fixed ASAP. It won’t fix itself.

orange rusty hot water
Above: The top of the hot water heater shows how corroded and rusty the internal tank was, leading to the rusty hot water.

Why is my hot water orange?

Once the inside the internal tank of your water heater starts to rust and corrode the hot water turns orange. To prevent and deter this, some hot water systems have anodes are installed inside. These steel core rods, also known as ‘sacrificial anodes’, are surrounded by either magnesium, aluminium or zinc. They have been a staple of hot water heaters for decades and are very useful in preventing water tank damage and regular and expensive replacement costs. The rod will corrode instead of the water heater’s exposed steel through a process called electrolysis which occurs when two pieces of submerged metal rod react to a voltage. This protects the water heater from rusting and prevents the water from turning orange.

Some anodes only last between 3.5 – 5 years and need to be replaced to prevent corrosion.

Anodes typically last between 3-5 – 5 years. Once the anode has fully spent, it fails to protect the tank which will start to deteriorate.  In time, a rusting water heater will cause problems which are typically more expensive to repair than simply replacing the anode. Regular anode replacement ensures your water heater continues to operate as intended and lasts longer therefore saving you money in the long term.

If your water heater is over 3.5 years old, we suggest you contact us on 0410 693 532 and we can advise whether your anode may require replacement.  If you supply us with the make and model of your water heater we will be able to determine whether a service call is required.  Some anodes last longer than others, depending upon the material of which they are made, so a quick phone call will give us the information we need to make such an assessment.

Rusty or orange hot water?

If your hot water is orange in colour, has a rusty small and metallic taste, contact us for advice. Our trucks are on the road right now, stocked with thousands of spare parts and replacement water heaters, to get you back enjoying trouble free hot water quickly. We supply and install a large range of gas, solar, electric and heat pump water heaters.  Upgrade to a new energy efficient hot water system and you may be eligible to claim the Government rebates currently available.

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Hot water heater replacement

Rheem Stellar stainless steel electric hot water system

John discussed replacement hot water heater options with the customer. With a family of teenagers placing greater demand on the household hot water usage, the customer opted to upgrade from the former 215 litre storage tank to a larger 315 litre Rheem Stellar stainless steel hot water system (model: 4a1315).

The switch to larger Rheem Stellar stainless steel tank, with 12 year warranty, will give the customer peace of mind. Importantly, it will cater to the demands of a hot water hungry household of growing teenagers.

Features of the Rheem Stellar stainless steel water heater

  • Stainless steel construction: The tank is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion and rust, increasing the lifespan of the system compared to traditional glass-lined steel tanks.
  • No anode needed:  The Rheem stainless steel tanks do not require a sacrificial anode rod, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • High efficiency: Rheem Stellar systems are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing overall energy consumption and lowering utility bills.
  • Excellent insulation: The Rheem stainless steel tank features superior insulation, which helps to maintain water temperature for longer periods, reducing the need for frequent reheating.
  • Rapid recovery: The system offers fast recovery times, ensuring that you have hot water available quickly even after heavy usage. Perfect for a household of hot water hungry teenagers.
  • High hot water delivery: With a 315-litre capacity, it can deliver a large volume of hot water, making it suitable for households with high hot water demands.
  • Lower carbon footprint: The energy-efficient design helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a more environmentally friendly household.
  • Recyclable materials: Stainless steel is more environmentally friendly compared to other materials as it is fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle.
  • Temperature control: Advanced temperature control features prevent overheating and ensure a consistent and safe water temperature.
  • Pressure relief valve: Comes with a pressure relief valve to enhance safety by preventing excessive pressure buildup within the tank.
  • Modern design: The sleek stainless steel finish provides a modern and attractive look that can fit well in various settings.
  • Extended warranty*: Rheem often provides extended warranties for their stainless steel tanks, giving users peace of mind regarding the product’s reliability and longevity.The Rheem Stellar has a 12 year cylinder warranty, 3 year labour warranty on the cylinder and 1 year parts and labour warranty on all other components for domestic use.

The Rheem Stellar stainless steel (315 litre) hot water system is a robust, efficient, and environmentally friendly option that provides reliable hot water while reducing maintenance and operational costs.

* Warranty conditions may apply. 

Fast hot water replacement service

For fast hot water replacement, contact us for advice. We service all Sydney suburbs and our trucks are on the road right now, stocked with thousands of spare parts and replacement water heaters, to get you back enjoying trouble free hot water quickly. We supply and install a large range of gas, solar, electric and heat pump water heaters.  Upgrade to a new energy efficient hot water system and you may be eligible to claim the generous Government rebates currently available.

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Cheapa Hot Water Sydney

Hot water is our business.  We are the Sydney hot water experts.  All our hot water systems are competitively priced because we purchase large quantities direct from the manufacturers – a saving we can pass on to our customers.

The benefits of dealing with dedicated hot water specialist plumbers

Our experienced, licensed hot water installers, in fully equipped trucks, are on the road right now to ensure your hot water heater problems fixed quickly – today! We service all Sydney suburbs.

  • Hot water is our business – it’s not a sideline. Each year we install over 4,000 hot water systems in Sydney homes and businesses.
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  • Cheapa Hot Water is an Australian, family owned business offering reliable, old fashioned service.
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  • Free delivery of your new hot water system and complimentary disposal of your old water heater.
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