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Solar hot water repairs Penrith.

Our Sydney solar hot water specialists recently attended a customer’s home in Penrith when they called us after waking up with no hot water.  The customer had been encountering problems with their old rooftop solar hot water system for some time and, on this day, it finally stopped working completely.

We organised a convenient time to visit the Penrith property and, after weeks and weeks of rain in Sydney and along the entire NSW east coast, it was a beautiful day.

Once onsite, our solar specialist, Steve, ran a series of tests to determine the problem. As is often the case, once there is one problem, it typically leads to other parts failing. That’s what happened with this solar HWS.

Unfortunately, replacement parts for many older hot water systems are no longer manufactured and there is no option but to install a new one. On a positive note, modern hot water systems are more economical to run and, due to their increased efficiency, are kinder to the environment.

What size solar hot water system should I install?

When installing a new hot water system, we always discuss with the customer their household hot water usage requirements.  This ensures we install the right hot water system for their usage now and into the future.

Living at the home were mum, dad and two, young ‘tween’ children.  First, we calculated the hot water usage of the ‘humans’ in the home.  Next, we look at the hot water usage demands of appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers which can use as much hot water as one person. We also discuss whether their hot water usage demands are likely to change in the future.  For example, teenagers use more hot water than younger children.

With all this in mind, we recommended a new Rheem Hiline stainless steel solar hot water system with a generous 300-litre rooftop tank (model: 52L300/2L).  This could be installed in the same location as the previous hot water heater, saving the customer time and money.

Scroll down to read about the features and product benefits of the Rheem Hiline solar hot water system.

Rheem hot water system replacement particulars

  • Attend the Penrith property to inspect and rectify problems with existing rooftop solar hot water system.
  • Inspect the site for safety and take any necessary precautions.
  • Run tests on the hot water system to detect problems.
  • Ascertain that multiple problems were evident and, due to replacement parts no longer being manufactured, discuss with the client replacement options based on their household hot water usage requirements.
  • Disconnect the old solar hot water system from the electricity supply at the meter.
  • Drain and remove the old hot water system from the roof.
  • Supply and install a new Rheem Hiline stainless steel hot water system (model: 52L300/2L) in the same position.
  • Install necessary valving, including new tempering valve, to comply with AS3500 Plumbing Codes.
  • Reconnect the new hot water system to the existing boost power circuit.
  • Commission and test the new hot water system.
  • Collect and complete STC forms and paperwork.
  • Dispose of and recycle the old solar hot water system.
  • Clean up the site and remove any associated rubbish.

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We are your local Penrith hot water specialists.  With 25+ years expertise, we’re happy to help and provide advice so you make the right decision when it comes to fixing or replacing your hot water heater. Our trucks are on the road right now, stocked with thousands of spare parts and replacement hot water heaters to get you back enjoying trouble-free hot water today.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for helpful advice you can trust.

rheem solar hot water system 52l300

Features of the Rheem HiLine solar hot water system

The Rheem Hiline 52L Series solar hot water system directly heats water as it passes through collectors and rises back into the storage tank. Gas or electric boost options are available for days when the sun doesn’t shine.

This Hiline 52L300 rooftop hot water system has a storage capacity of 300 litres and services 2-5 people. It has a stainless steel tank and is available in 4 x COLORBOND colours.


  • Available in 4 COLORBOND® colours
  • Stainless steel tank.
  • Gas or electric boost options – for days when the sun doesn’t shine.
  • 300L tank capacity is suitable for 2-5 people.
  • Available with 2 x NPT200 or 2 x L or 2 x CSA2007 collectors – to “collect” energy from the sun.


  • Model: Rheem 52L300
  • Type: Rooftop Solar
  • Size: 2-5 people
  • Capacity: 300 litre
  • Location: Rooftop Solar


Warranty on system with NPT200 collectors
  • 7 year cylinder and collector supply*
  • 3 year cylinder and collector labour*
  • 1 year parts supply and labour*

Warranty on system with L or CSA2007 collectors

  • 10 year cylinder and collector supply*
  • 5 years cylinder and collector labour*
  • 5 year parts supply and labour.*
*Applies to an installation in a single-family domestic dwelling only. Warranty terms and conditions may apply. Contact us for details.

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