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Solar panels, also called photovoltaic (PV) panels, convert sunlight into electricity. They harness power from the sun to generate clean and renewable electricity that can be used to power our homes and workplaces. To ensure rooftop solar panels are working efficiently and at optimal performance, they should be kept clean, and free from debris and lichen.

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Cost-effective solar panel cleaning

Our solar specialists can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively clean your solar panels to ensure they’re operating at maximum efficiency, converting sunlight into free electricity for your home or workplace.

With 30+ years of experience installing rooftop solar hot water systems in homes across Sydney, we have the expertise and equipment to safely access your roof and clean your solar panels.  Whilst onsite, we can inspect your solar panels for signs of damage or deterioration.  Regular solar panel cleaning provides the opportunity to inspect and check your solar panels for issues, preventing more significant problems from arising that can be costly to repair or replace.

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    Why solar panel cleaning is important

    1. Clean solar panels optimise energy production.

    Over time things like dust, dirt, bird droppings, pollution and other debris can accumulate on the surface of solar panels.  Debris buildup on the PV panels reduces their ability to absorb sunlight.  Regular solar panel cleaning ensures that they receive maximum sunlight which optimises energy production.

    2. Clean solar panels run at maximum efficiency.

    The photovoltaic cells in solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. If these cells are obstructed by dirt and debris, it reduces the solar panel’s energy conversion efficiency.  Clean solar panels can operate at peak performance, maximising their efficiency.

    3. Clean solar panels can last longer.

    The build-up of dirt and debris on solar panels creates a film on the surface which can cause them to deteriorate faster over time.  Regular solar panel cleaning not only ensures optimal energy production but can also extend their working life.

    4. Solar panel shading.

    Even partial shade over rooftop solar panels can reduce their energy output.  Removing dust and debris accumulation leads to shading of the panels which decreases their energy production. Additionally, tree and shrub branches can grow over solar panels and should be removed.

    5. Clean solar panels will maximise your investment return.

    The installation of rooftop solar panels requires significant financial investment.  Clean solar panels work more efficiently, producing more energy, and thereby giving you a better return on your financial investment.  Additionally, clean solar panels can last longer and won’t require replacement. Solar panel cleaning is a small price to pay for the money you’ll save now and in the future.

    6. Solar panel warranty.

    Some manufacturers include performance guarantees. Regular solar panel cleaning may be part of their warranty requirements.  Neglecting solar panel maintenance in accordance with the warranty conditions may lead to the warranty being voided.  Speak to your solar panel installation company or read the warranty documentation to familiarise yourself with your obligations.

    7. Clean solar panels are better for the environment.

    Solar panels are a clean and environmentally friendly way we can create electricity to power our homes and workplaces. Clean solar panels work more efficiently, maximising electricity output, and reducing the need to source additional power from the grid.

    8. Problems can be identified during solar panel cleaning.

    Cleaning solar panels provides the opportunity to inspect and check them for signs of damage or other problems. Regular maintenance means problems are found early, preventing more significant issues from arising which can be costly to repair or may require replacement.

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