Hot water system leak? Common reasons why your hot water system is leaking.

hot water system leak

Have you got a leaky hot water system?

For leaking hot water heater repairs, contact us for emergency assistance on 0410 693 532.

Each year we repair hundreds of leaking hot water systems throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.  Below we’ve listed common reason why hot water systems leak.

1. Water heater tank corrosion

Over time, the tank can corrode due to minerals in the water, leading to small holes or cracks where water can leak out.

Early detection of hot water tank corrosion can prevent leaks from occurring.  We recommend you get your hot water heater serviced every 5 years to detect and rectify problems before they lead to catastrophic breakdown or a burst hot water heater.  To book a hot water service, call or text us on 0410 693 532 to reserve a time.  A hot water service typically only takes 45 minutes and is a small price to pay for trouble-free hot water.

2. Leaking pressure relief valve (PRV)

The PRV is a safety feature designed to release excess pressure in the tank to prevent explosions. If it’s faulty or malfunctioning, it can cause leaks.

The pressure relief valve in a hot water heater is a safety device that prevents the tank from rupturing or exploding due to excessive pressure build up. The pressure relief valve works by opening and releasing water from the tank when the pressure inside the tank exceeds a certain level.  This level is usually around 150psi however can vary depending upon the model and age of the hot water heater. If the pressure inside the hot water heater gets too high, the pressure relief valve opens, allowing water to flow out of the pipe and away from the tank.  The pressure inside the tank is relieved.

3. Temperature and pressure relief valve (TPR valve)

Similar to the pressure relief valve, the TRP valve releases water if the temperature or pressure inside the tank becomes too high. If it’s faulty or malfunctioning, it can cause leaks.

The temperature and pressure relief valve (TPR valve) in a hot water system is an important and necessary safety feature with it’s main function being to release excess pressure and temperature from the water heater tank to prevent a catastrophic failure or explosion.

4. The hot water tank is failing due to old age

Like any appliance, hot water heaters have a lifespan. As they age, they are more prone to develop leaks due to wear and tear.

In many cases, older hot water heaters can be repaired.  Sometimes, the hot water heater is too old and is beyond economical repair. If this is the case, hot water heater replacement is necessary.

For fast hot water heater replacement, call or SMS our friendly team for assistance on 0410 693 532 . Our trucks are on the road right now, stocked with replacement hot water heaters so you’re back enjoying trouble free hot water quickly.

5. Sediment build up at the bottom of the tank

Sediment can accumulate at the bottom of the tank, causing corrosion and weakening the tank’s structure, leading to leaks.

Anodes are steel core rods installed at the top of the hot water tanks during production to prevent rust and corrosion. Anodes typically last between 3.5 – 5 years.Once the anode has fully spent it fails to protect the tank which will start to deteriorate. In time, a rusting water heater will cause problems which are typically more expensive to repair than simply replacing the anode. Regular anode replacement ensures your water heater continues to operate as intended and lasts longer therefore saving you money in the long term. If your water heater is over 3.5 years old, we suggest you contact us and we can advise whether your anode may require replacement. Call or text us on 0410 693 532 for advice.

6. Loose pipes and fitting connections

Sometimes connections of your hot water heater like pipes, fittings and or valves can become loose, causing leaks. If your pipework or fitting connections are loose and you’re not confident tightening them yourself, contact us for advice.  We can organise a service call-out and rectify any problems.  Call or text us on 0410 693 532 for advice.

7. Damage to the tank or cylinder

Physical damage to the tank from external sources or internal issues like excessive pressure can cause leaks.

8. Internal component or part failure

Components such as the heating element or the tank’s internal lining can degrade or fail, leading to leaks.

The purpose of the element in a hot water system is to heat the water. The element is located inside the hot water tank and, when electricity is applied to it, the element gets hot and heats up the surrounding water. To ensure the water doesn’t get too hot or the hot water system doesn’t overheat, the element is controlled by a thermostat.

9. External condensation

And finally, sometimes condensation can form on the outside of the tank, especially in humid environments, which can be mistaken for a leak. If you suspect condensation, wipe down the area that’s leaking and monitor it to see if the leak continues. If you’re still concerned or have questions, contact us for advice. We’re here to help.

Leaking hot water heater repairs

If you’ve got a leaking hot water heater, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly to prevent water damage and ensure the continued functioning of your system. To discuss what may be causing the problem and, if necessary, to organise hot water heater repair, contact our friendly team. We offer fast service to all Sydney suburbs. Our trucks carry thousands of replacement parts and can typically fix leaking hot water system problems on the spot. If your hot water heater is beyond economical repair, we can explain the options with you and, if required, install a new hot water system on the spot.


Have you been told by a plumber or hot water company that your hot water system needs to be replaced – at a considerable cost? If so, contact the hot water specialists here at Cheapa Hot Water for advice. Over the years we have saved countless customers thousands of dollars by undertaking cost-effective repairs to faulty hot water heaters when they had been told they couldn’t be fixed.  Don’t believe us? We can put you in touch with these customers for verification.  A phone call to Cheapa Hot Water may save you thousands! Call 0410 693 532 to speak to a hot water specialist now.

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We are qualified to undertake any plumbing and electrical work required to ensure your hot water heater is repaired quickly and within budget. Plumbers who do not specialise in the installation of hot water heaters may need to outsource the electrical work required to another tradesperson, thereby holding up your hot water system repair or installation, adding extra expense due to additional call-out fees charged by employing two tradespeople.

Your hot water heater is an expensive appliance. Don’t risk voiding your warranty.

Additionally, most manufacturers won’t cover the terms of your hot water system warranty if it isn’t installed by a licensed hot water technician or a qualified plumber. Hot water tanks are an expensive appliance so why would you risk voiding your warranty by installing it yourself or employing the services of someone who isn’t licensed?

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