Moving hot water system

moving hot water system
We have recently visited a Bankstown customer who wanted to move their hot water system and upgrade their heat pump to electric hot water system.

We received a call from a new customer in the Canterbury-Bankstown area, who wanted us to remove their existing solar heat pump hot water system that was located outside with a new electric hot water heater, relocating it into their garage.

The heat pump was located in an area of the garden that the customer wanted to utilise as part of a deck extension.  Additionally, due to a recent renovation, access to the rear of the property where the existing hot water system was located was now very difficult.

Hot water system upgrade for a growing family

These issues provided the customer with the perfect opportunity to upgrade the old system to one that better suited the hot water usage of their growing family now and into the future.

As part of the upgrade process, first, discuss with the customer their daily hot water requirements and then calculated the household hot water usage. For example, as small children grow into teenagers, they invariably use more hot water.  Additionally, it’s not just the ‘humans’ that need to be considered but also the household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers which can use as much hot water as one person.

After discussing the customer’s hot water usage requirements and budget, we recommended the Vulcan 315 litre electric hot water system (model: 491315R7).

Moving a hot water system

The customer wanted the new hot water system installed in a corner of the garage. Access to the garage was very easy as we could access the space directly from the street.

First, we drained and disconnected the old heat pump and removed it from the property via the neighbour’s fence.

Next, we prepared the new garage location by installing and redirecting the necessary pipework and valving.

The new electric hot water system was installed in the corner of the garage on a concrete slab we supplied and connected to the new pipework.  A new tempering valve was installed to comply with AS3500 Plumbing Codes.

Within a few hours, the new HWS was up and running and the customer was enjoying hot water again.

vulcan hot water campbelltown

Vulcan electric hot water system installation

  • Attend the Bankstown property to discuss moving an old heat pump with a new Vulcan hot water system.
  • Assess the site for safety and make necessary arrangements.
  • Drain and disconnect the old heat pump hot water system. Remove it from the property via the neighbour’s fence.  Remove old pipework.
  • Install necessary pipework and valving in the new garage location. Supply and install new concrete slab for HWS placement.
  • Supply and install new Vulcan 315 litre electric hot water system (model: 491315R7).
  • Install new tempering valve to comply with AS3500 Plumbing Code.
  • Reconnect the new hot water system to the hot and cold pipework.
  • Commission and test the system.
  • Remove and recycle the old hot water system.
  • Clean up and dispose of any associated rubbish.

Want your hot water system moved to another location?

Renovating and need your hot water system moved?  Want your hot water heater moved to another location so you can make better use of the space?

We’re often called to Sydney homes and businesses to move an existing hot water system to a new location, or remove the old HWS and install a new one in a new position.  We’re only too happy to help and it’s all in a days work.

It’s not uncommon for us to find hot water heaters shoved at the back of cupboards, installed in inaccessible locations under the house or in teeny-tiny side passages. Often we have to remove a sink, dishwasher or oven to be able to access a hot water system that’s been shoved into the back of a cupboard. We’re frequently crawling under houses to fix hot water systems that were installed as an afterthought.

Additionally, some homeowners undertake renovations and forget to make sure the hot water system is still accessible. It’s only when a problem arises that they wished they had given the hot water system more consideration.

With 25+ years expertise, we’re happy to help and provide advice in all matters relating to moving, replacing, installing and repairing hot water systems.  With fast assistance, we’ll have you back enjoying trouble-free hot water in no time.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for helpful advice you can trust.

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