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The importance of hot water maintenance

Hot water maintenance is important to ensure your hot water system is operating efficiently so you enjoy trouble-free hot water throughout your home.  A visit to this customer’s home in Glebe, in Sydney’s Inner West, highlights the importance of regular hot water maintenance checks.

This customer contacted us seeking urgent assistance after they returned home from Saturday sports to discover they had no hot water. Over the phone, the customer mentioned they had been experiencing intermittent hot water problems for a while but thought it was because they were taking longer showers as we headed into winter. We organised to attend the property that afternoon.

Once onsite, our Inner West hot water specialist, John, ran a series of tests to find the reason why they had no hot water.

  • Isolating the hot water system from the main power. Re-test the system load with an external device.
  • Inspect and test the element for correct omhs reading. No problems were found.
  • Inspect and test the thermostat for continuity. Problems found. Replace the thermostat.
  • Test the TPR safety valve. Problems found. Replace TPR safety valve.
  • Inspect the anode for wear. Heavy anode corrosion was evident. Replace the anode.

Once the thermostat, TPR safety valve and anode were replaced, we recommissioned the hot water system.  We cleaned up the site of any associated rubbish and left the customer enjoying trouble-free hot water again.

hot water maintenance

Why do we recommend hot water maintenance every 5 years?

This job highlights the importance of regular hot water heater maintenance to ensure the heater is operating efficiently.  We recommend our customers have their hot water system serviced every five years.

Regular hot water maintenance detects and fixes problems early

The regular service of your hot water heater by one of our licensed technicians will ensure you enjoy trouble-free hot water for many years to come.  It will ensure your system continues working safely in all weather conditions thereby saving you money on costly repairs and the inconvenience of future breakdowns.

Your hot water heater service should be undertaken every five years. If this time period lapses it may result in the manufactures warranty becoming void. It only takes around an hour for our technicians to service your hot water heater and it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Don’t risk voiding your hot water heater warranty

Did you know that most manufacturers won’t cover the terms of your hot water system warranty if it isn’t installed or serviced by a licensed hot water technician or qualified hot water plumber? Your hot water heater is an expensive appliance so don’t risk voiding your warranty by employing the services of someone who isn’t licensed to fix it.

We are licensed water heater installers and plumbers and preferred service technicians for all major hot water manufacturers including RheemDux, Rinnai, Aquamax, Bosch, ConergyHockingApricusVulcanEdwards SolarSolahart, Everhot and more. 

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Common hot water heater maintenance repairs

hot water system thermostat replacement

Hot water heater thermostat replacement

The thermostat in a hot water system measures the temperature of the water.  The thermostat’s purpose is to regulate the temperature of the water being heated to a set point. If the temperature is below the set point, then the thermostat sends a signal to the heating system (i.e. element) to turn on so it heats the water until the desired temperature is reached. Once this temperature is reached, the thermostat signals the heating system to turn off. The hot water system thermostat is very important because it ensures a consistent water temperature is maintained.  Importantly, it prevents the water from overheating or cooling down too much.

hot water maintenance

TRP safety valve replacement

The temperature and pressure relief valve (TPR valve) in a hot water system is an important and necessary safety feature with it’s main function being to release excess pressure and temperature from the water heater tank to prevent a catastrophic failure or explosion. As water is heated, it expands, creating pressure within the tank. If the pressure inside the hot water tank becomes too high, the TPR valve automatically opens, releasing the excess pressure to the outside. Additionally, if the water temperature inside the tank becomes too high, the TPR valve will also open to release the excess heat. The TPR valve is typically located on the side or top of the water heater tank and is connected to a discharge pipe that runs to a drain or to the exterior of the building. It is important to ensure that the TPR valve is properly installed and functioning correctly because, as indicated above, failure to do so can result in a dangerous situation.

hot water maintenance

The image above shows a new anode compared to a corroded anode.

Anode replacement

Anodes are core rods installed at the top of the hot water tanks during production to prevent rust and corrosion. The rods are surrounded by either magnesium, aluminium or zinc. They have been a staple of hot water heaters for decades and are very useful in preventing water tank damage and regular and expensive replacement costs. Also known as ‘sacrificial anodes’, through electrolysis, the rod will corrode instead of the water heater’s exposed steel through a process called electrolysis.  It protects the metal inside the hot water heater from rusting. Electrolysis occurs when the two pieces of submerged metal rod react to a voltage.

Anodes typically last between 3 – 7 years.  Once the anode is fully spent it fails to protect the tank which will start to deteriorate.  In time, a rusting water heater will cause problems which are typically more expensive to repair than simply replacing the anode. Regular anode replacement ensures your water heater continues to operate as intended and lasts longer, therefore, saving you money in the long term.

gas hot water system burner replacement

Gas hot water heater burner replacement

The purpose of the burner in a gas hot water system is to heat the water inside the tank so, when you turn on the tap, hot water is delivered to the faucet. In a hot water system, when the thermostat senses that the water temperature has dropped below a certain point, it sends a signal to the gas valve to open. When the valve opens, gas can flow to the burner.  The burner then ignites the gas to create a flame that heats the water in the tank. As the water inside the tank heats up, it rises to the top of the tank.  This is what is delivered to your hot water tap or appliance needing hot water (i.e. dishwater, washing machine, etc). The burner is an essential component of a gas hot water system. When the burner is broken you won’t have hot water. If the burner is faulty and not working correctly, you may have hot water intermittently or run out of hot water. Proper maintenance of the burner is important to ensure efficient operation and prevent problems including running out of hot water or no hot water.

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Unitrol valve replacement

In a gas hot water system, the unitrol valve is a type of gas control valve regulates the flow of gas to the burner and maintains a consistent temperature of the water in the tank. The unitrol valve contains a thermostat that senses the temperature of the hot water in the tank.  It then adjusts the gas flow to the burner to maintain the desired temperature. The unitrol valve is also an important safety feature that shuts off the gas supply if the pilot light goes out.  Importantly, this prevents gas leaks and potential explosions. In hot water systems, the unitrol valve plays a critical role in regulating the gas flow to the burner so a consistent water temperature is maintained. More importantly, it is important for the safe operation of the hot water system.

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Thermocouple replacement

The thermocouple in a hot water system is a device that measures the temperature of the water in the tank or in the pipes.  The thermocouple then provides a signal to a controller or thermostat so the desired hot water temperature is maintained.

In gas hot water heaters, the thermocouple monitors the pilot flame and prevents the gas valve from opening if the pilot light is out. This is a very important safety feature that prevents gas leaks and potential explosions. If the thermocouple detects that the pilot flame is out, it will send a signal to the gas valve to shut off the gas supply until the pilot flame is relit.

The thermocouple plays an important role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your hot water systems, as follows:

  • the thermocouple accurately measures hot water temperature
  • the thermocouple provides control signals to maintain the desired hot water temperature
  • the thermocouple prevents dangerous situations such as gas leaks and potential explosion

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Hot water heater pump replacement

Hot water heaters are complex appliances that rely on various parts to operate correctly and run efficiently.  One of the most important parts of a hot water system is the pump.

The purpose of a pump in a hot water system is to circulate the water.  It also ensures the hot water flows efficiently through the system whilst helping to maintain a consistent and even distribution of hot water to all the desired locations in the house or building.

In a typical hot water system, the water is heated in a central tank. The hot water is then transported from the tank through pipes to sinks, showers and appliances in the home. This pump (technically called the circulating pump or recirculation pump) is responsible for moving the water from the heater to the faucets and appliances throughout the property.

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The benefits of dealing with dedicated hot water specialist plumbers

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