Solahart solar hot water heater repair Kogarah

solahart solar hot water repair kogarah

Fast Solahart repair service. All Sydney areas.

We received a call from a new customer in the Georges River region of Sydney whose Solahart solar hot water system wasn’t functioning as it should. They had started running out of hot water when previously they didn’t and this raised concern.

After speaking with the customer over the phone to assess how urgent the problem was, we attended the Kogarah home the next day.

Steve, our solar hot water specialist, determined that the element was faulty and quickly replaced it with a new one. He then carried out a range of tests to ensure no other parts were becoming worn out and may be prone to breakdown.  Outlined below are the tests we run when servicing a Solahart hot water system.

Within no time, the Solahart system was working as it should and the customer should enjoy trouble-free hot water for many years to come.  Scroll down to read about the importance of having your hot water system serviced regularly.

Solar hot water system not working?

For fast solar hot water repairs, contact the solar specialists at Cheapa Hot Water for fast help to all Sydney suburbs.

Servicing your solar hot water heater

Protecting your hot water system from unexpected breakdown.

Whilst he was onsite, Steve ran checked of the entire system to ascertain whether any other parts may need replacement in the not-too-distant future.

  • Attend the site to repair and service a Solahart hot water system
  • Assess the site for safety and take necessary actions
  • Isolate the system from the mains power. Re-test load at system for safety.
  • Inspect & test element for correct OHMs reading
  • Inspect & test thermostat for continuity
  • Carry out any further necessary testing, pumps, glycol levels, censors etc
  • Test, replace expansion control valve, if required
  • Test, replace pressure temperature relief valve, if required
    Visually check and replace the anode, if required
  • Clean solar collectors
  • Re-commission the solar hot water system
  • If load re-established, take current reading
  • Clean the site and remove any associated rubbish
Further reading
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Your hot water system should be serviced every 5 years

To ensure you enjoy trouble-free hot water, ideally your hot water system should be service by a licensed hot water plumber every five years.

A regular service by one of our authorised hot water repair technicians will ensure you enjoy trouble-free hot water for many years to come. A regular hot water service ensures your system continues working safely whilst increasing the cylinders longevity, therefore saving you both money and inconvenience of future breakdown.

Your hot water service should be undertaken by a licensed hot water plumber no longer than every five years. If this time period lapses it may result in the manufactures warranty becoming void. It doesn’t take long for a technician to service a system – usually between 30 to 45 minutes. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and trouble free hot water usage.

Did you know that most manufacturers won’t cover the terms of your hot water system warranty if it isn’t installed or serviced by a licensed hot water technician or qualified hot water plumber. Hot water tanks are an expensive appliance so why would you risk voiding your warranty by installing it yourself or employing the services of someone who isn’t licensed?

We are licensed water heater installers and plumbers and preferred service technicians for all major hot water manufacturers including RheemSolahart, Rinnai, Dux, Aquamax, Apricus, VulcanEdwards Solar, Everhot and many more brands.

Book a hot water heater service

A service typically only takes 30-45 minutes. To book yours, get in touch to speak with a solar hot water specialist now and we’ll organise a convenient time to visit your home or workplace.

solar hot water repairs

Why we’re the Sydney solar hot water specialists

Hot water is our business and that’s why, when you deal with our highly-skilled, solar hot water specialists, you’re assured of service and expertise that is second to none.

  • Hot water is our business and we are Sydney’s leading solar hot water specialists.
  • Our fully qualified, licensed hot water heater repair specialists each have over 25+ years experience.
  • We are accredited service agents for all solar hot water brands including Rheem, Apricus, QuantumEdwards SolarSolahart and more.
  • We are a local, Australian-owned, family-run business offering reliable, old fashioned service.
  • If your current solar hot water heater is beyond repair we offer free delivery of a new system and complimentary disposal (and recycling) of your old water heater.
  • We are qualified to undertake all the plumbing and electrical work required to install a new hot water system. There is no need to waste money employing multiple trades.
  • We have all the equipment needed to install your hot water system today. We don’t have to hire or wait for other trades to arrive with the required equipment.

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